Advertising seal for C.O.R.E. training users

KEY FACTOR: [cart-button item=”295″ ] your cleaning staff being trained. They want to know that your staff will be organized, effective, careful and thorough. Most cleaning services say very little about their training in their advertising. Trained staff does not really prove that your staff is trained. Think of some way to prove to your […]


Action Item List-Start Up & Grow

WINNERS TURN STUMBLING BLOCKS INTO STEPPING STONES [cart-button item=”295″ ] KEY FACTOR: It is a fact that most businesses get into a stall from time to time. A cleaning service based on a repeat business model should increase their net repeat client count by 40-60 repeat clients per year. We do, of course, have our […]


Circle of Excellence Brochure

Many a small thing has been made large by the right kind of advertising Mark Twain [cart-button item=”295″ ] This brochure has 5 points of excellence and details each point in a circle on the front page. Then it goes into detail about each point in the inside brochure. All verbiage is editable in Word […]


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