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Employee Handbook – English & Spanish

BE SPECIFIC & CLEARLY DEFINED WITH YOUR POLICIES, SHARE THEM WITH YOUR EMPLOYEES, CONSISTENTLY DEPLOY DISCIPLINARY ACTION AND YOUR POLICIES WILL MANAGE FOR YOU KEY FACTOR: [cart-button item=”295″ ] People will not do what you expect them to do if they do not know what your expectations are. People will also not do what you […]


Disciplinary Actions – Verbal, Written & Probationary Forms – English & Spanish

WHILE WE ARE FREE TO CHOOSE OUR ACTIONS, WE ARE NOT FREE TO CHOOSE THE CONSEQUENCES OF OUR ACTIONS. STEPHEN COVEY [cart-button item=”295″ ] KEY FACTOR: Have you ever observed an extremely naughty child in public? If you are like me you have probably thought to yourself, why would the child behave any differently? They […]


Inbound sales-Accurate Pricing, Quoting and Selling on the Phone

USER FRIENDLY IS A POPULAR TERM THESE DAYS  WHAT DO YOUR CLIENTS KNOW ABOUT YOUR SERVICE WHEN YOU SAY ‘GOOD-BYE’? [cart-button item=”295″ ]W KEY FACTOR: Selling a repeat client requires one very important thing that must be done every time your phone rings, especially if you are a start up company, and that is answer […]


Aprons are a must for professional house cleaners

[cart-button item=”295″ ] REGARDLESS OF YOUR PROCESS, USING AN APRON JUST MAKES SENSE CARRY IT WITH YOU AND YOU SAVE WASTED BACKTRACKING STEPS AND ENERGY KEY FACTOR: You are selling time in this business. Whatever you can do to increase efficiency without sacrificing quality must be done. Aprons are a key contributor to efficiency. Appreciatively, […]


Price Increase Letters for current repeat clients 1 & 2

IF IT DOESN’T MAKE MONEY IT DOESN’T MAKE SENSE [cart-button item=”295″ ] YOU ARE A YEAR BETTER AND SMARTER AND DESERVE A BIT MORE KEY FACTOR: Earning the money you deserve for the value you add to your client’s quality of life is a big part of owning your own residential cleaning company and many […]


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