Job Description – Team Leader – Spanish

A LEADER IS ONE WHO KNOWS THE WAY, GOES THE WAY, AND SHOWS THE WAY JOHN C MAXWELL LEADERSHIP AND LEARNING ARE INDISPENSABLE TO EACH OTHER JFK KEY FACTOR: Job descriptions that can stand the test of time by growing with your company require some time and thought. This is an extremely important document in […]


Job Description – Partner – Spanish

ACHIEVEMENT ALWAYS TAKES PLACE IN THE FRAMEWORK OF HIGH EXPECTATION …CHARLES F KETTERING WHATEVER YOU ARE, BE A GOOD ONE ABRAHAM LINCOLN KEY FACTOR: All employees like to know what is expected of them and how they will be evaluated. A thorough job description accomplishes this key factor. Because it is written down it avoids […]


Cleaning notebook for C.O.R.E. training-Maid Easy Reference Guide Educator – Spanish

A GOOD TEACHER MUST BE ABLE TO PUT HIMSELF IN THE PLACE OF THOSE WHO FIND LEARNING HARD …ELIPHAS LEVI KEY FACTOR: The large majority of your new cleaners will be able to observe a process once and know what that process is. If they are also tested on the process it will solidify the […]


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