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It is a fact that most businesses get into a stall from time to time. A cleaning service based on a repeat business model should increase their net repeat client count by 40-60 repeat clients per year. We do, of course, have our super achievers that can sell 135 repeat clients in 100 days and they are super benchmarks for this industry. If your business has not grown that much each year for the past 3 consecutive years, and you want it to grow, then you should analyze the 7 Key Factors that drive your company and the components of each of those 7 KeyFactors.


Determine if your lack of growth is driven by lack of good and well trained cleaners that results in a lot of turnover or if it is a lack of sufficient and effective marketing. Once you have determined that then look at what you did in the past, when you were growing, that you are not doing now. Start doing it again. Implement additional fixes to problem areas. Set goals and use goal charts to track your progress.


Make a list of everything that needs to be in place in your company in terms of the 7 Key Factors and rank the level of accomplishment of each item in your company from 1 to 5. Then go through and start working all of your 1’s, putting due dates on each item for completion. This ranking list should be revisited at least once a year to ensure all items are ranking at 5.

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Action Item List-A list of 68 items that must be in place for a business to reach Stage 3-You will rank the 69 items from 1 to 5 and return it to Rags to Riches and we will sort it and return it to you divided into the 4 Categories of Cleaning Process, Employees, Marketing and Finance which will show you exactly where your weaknesses (and strengths) lie.

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