Business-In-A-Box-Embedded Plan For Starting Or Growing Your Business

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Running a residential cleaning service is not rocket science but it sure isn’t tidily winks either. Some owners will naturally be better at some aspects of the business than others and some will struggle with everything and come out winners. If you are one of the owners who might need to struggle with understanding a number of business and financial challenges you might want to consider acquiring some coaching support. What you must do first is write down realistic goals for the year for your cleaning service (1 net repeat client per week is a realistic first year goal). Next, create an action item list that will reach those goals. Third, learn how to work each item on the action item list. Finally, work that list relentlessly and faithfully. Always continue to grow by following the same process each year you are in business.


Prioritize the action items that will support reaching your goals. This is the tricky part if you have never owned a cleaning service before. First time owners and owners wanting to move from cleaning to coaching really should find a simple guide to follow. If complete, thought out and detailed your action item list will always have about 70 items to be completed per year. Some can be completed in as little as 30 minutes and some will require a few days. Together your action item list is a workbook that states exactly what you must do each year to start, develop and grow your cleaning service, depending upon what stage you are in. It will also help you determine what you do not know so that you can determine what you need to learn. At Rags to Riches we are committed to the belief that a culture of excellence begins its creation with a solid foundation. It is easy to firm up your foundation by educating yourself about your business.


Every single step you take in your company should, and does, have a best practices process or policy. Many companies short step processes, skip processes or stop processes because they are not sure what they should be and do not have the time to research them, creating a gaping hole in the company’s culture of excellence. If you are a start-up company you are beginning at the beginning and this is a great time to develop each step, process and procedure motivated by creating a culture of excellence. Understanding each of the key factors to your success is difficult until you have ‘walked a mile’ in those shoes. Coaching support will help you absorb and implement the information in the Do It Yourself Kit faster. When you are in the start-up/existence, stage 1 cycle money disappears fast. The faster you can start replenishing it the better opportunity you have of staying in business. Understanding the nuances of this industry can be a time consuming and laborious process for each method/process (and there are literally 100’s to develop for a start-up residential cleaning service) or you can understand and implement all of the necessary elements in one key factor with the support of a coach who is an expert in starting and running residential cleaning companies and who understands what items link and how. If you have been in business for a few years you may have hit a ‘ceiling’ and need to work on developing your company to handle growth. It is a fact that most businesses get into a stall from time to time. If your are not increasing your net repeat sales by 60-75 per year it may be time to take a good look at the 7 Key Factors in your company and what you can enhance or alter to attain those industry benchmarks. It may be time to step away from your daily operations and current advisors and take a clean, clear and fresh look at your company facilitated by a coaching expert in the residential cleaning industry. Business In A Box-Embedded Plan may be just what you are looking for.


Fly in Afternoon/Evening night before ‘Incubation’ begins I will pick you up outside, in front of where you pick up your baggage, even if you did not check any bags.  I have an eco green Prius   Dependent upon arrival time see some of Austin or go directly to your hotel 1 mile from the ranch FIRST FULL DAY AT RANCH 7:30amCST          Pick up at motel room 7:40-7:55              Embracing Change 8:00-8:45              Ranch orientation and walk 8:45-10:45           Working Breakfast  Accurate Pricing Quoting and Selling on the Phone Client welcome packet Periodic tasks log Pricing matrixes 10:45-11:45       Budget Calculator Where you are now -Where you want to go-What it will take to get there Set goal for wall chart Make Wall Chart 11:45-12:15         Call volume-Close ratio-Cost per sale-Daily office tracking form/daily activity log 12:15-1:30           Working lunch                                 Finding, Interviewing and Hiring the Best Applicant call-in log Interviewing Questions Reference Check Questions 1:30-2:30           Being A Person of Influence-Orientation Agenda Employee forms Job descriptions 2:30-3:00              Walk, driving range, etc 3:00-4:00              Handbook                                                           Dot Your I’s Cross Your T’s-employee handbooks                                 Quiz 3:45-4:15              Supplies and Bucket List 4:15-5:15              Tools, tricks and teams 5:15-5:30              Message #7 Believing You Have What It Takes 5:30-6:00          Wrap up and questions 6:00-6:30          Happy hour 6:30-7:00          Gator Ride 7:00-9:00          Dinner-Main house dining room or deck, dependent upon weather   DAY TWO 7:30amCST          Pick up at motel room 7:30-8:00              Questions from yesterday, Review today’s agenda Message Turn Stumbling Blocks Into Stepping Stones 8:00-9:00          Working Breakfast                       How to Implement C.O.R.E. training Aprons and tools-Company uniforms 9:00-9:20         Before You Pick Up A Rag-Follow field manual 9:20-11:00       How to Dust-Video, follow field manual and clean 11:00-12:30     How to Clean a Kitchen-video,  follow field manual and clean 12:30-1:30       Lunch Floors and periodic tasks Module 5 Beds, Floors And Wrap Up-video, follow field manual 1:30-2:30         How to Clean a Bathroom-video, follow field manual and clean 2:30-2:45        New Employee Evaluation Form 2:45-3:15         Two and three person team roles and responsibilities                         Daily Team Tracking Form 3:15-3:30         Quality Control Check List 3:30-4:15         7 Habits of Highly Successful Owners-Part 1 4:15-4:45         Walk or driving range 4:45-5:30         Building A Winning Team-Part 1 (for supervisors) 5:30-5:45         Questions and Wrap Up 5:45-6:00         Message #10 Expect the Best 6:00-7:00          Happy Hour 7:00-9:00          Dinner DAY THREE 7:30amCST          Pick up at motel room 7:15-7:30              Message #9 Don’t Judge-Support 7:30-8:15              Working Breakfast Leadership versus Management 8:15-8:30          Company Vehicles 8:30-10:30        One on ones and developmental meetings-Full Staff and Supervisor 10:30-11:00         Performance Appraisals 11:00-11:15         Disciplinary Action and role playing 11:15-11:30         Exit Interviews and Employee Surveys 11:30-12:30         Maximizing Holiday Profits and Scheduling Credit card vendor 12:30-12:45    Answering phones by second ring-Perceptionist 12:45-1:15       Working lunch Flyers 8/15-9/15  Back to School 9/15-10/15 October-Cancer Awareness Month 10/15-11/15  Thanksgiving help 11/15-12/15  Christmas gift certificates Schedule Flyers 1:15-1:45        Outbound sales calls 1:45-2:45        Cause marketing                         C4R Press release  Schedule and write Call private schools to give gift certificates &/or Teacher Award-schedule Call non-profits to give away a gift certificate-schedule Visit hospitals and clinics to tell about C4R-schedule Call ‘Cancer Walks’ and events for October to give free cleaning and discuss a     C4R table at the event-schedule 2:45-3:45         Constant Contact Use 3:45-4:00         Networking                         Chamber Symphony Ballet Guild 4:00-4:15         Website-Update with new changes 4:15-5:30         Organizing Your Time and Your Office                         Daily Schedule template Analyze 3 job descriptions for the office-Add and organize your day/office 5:30-6:00         Final Wrap Up and Questions                         Message #12  Make Plans to Succeed 6:00-7:00         Happy Hour Final Gator Ride and pictures 7:00-9:00         Dinner   FOLLOWING MORNING Pick up at motel room to transport to Austin Airport


All documents and videos are accessible through your dashboard.  They can be viewed and/or downloaded for one year from date of purchase.

1 Apron plain with buckle, no logo, grey only
1 Apron plain with ties, no logo, grey only
Cleaner roles and Responsibilities-2 & 3 Person Teams English
Cleaning notebook for C.O.R.E. training (English & Spanish)-Maid Easy Reference Guide Educator
House cleaning training-C.O.R.E. English & spanish-Full 5 module sets
Supplies List – Buckets & Cars
Training-How to Implement C.O.R.E. training online seminar recording English
7 Habits for Owners-Trilogy-3 online seminars in English
Action Item List-Start Up & Grow-English
DVD 5 Stages of Growth in a Small Business-Stage 1 Existence $0-155K
DVD 5 Stages of Growth in a Small Business-Stage 2 Survival $155-410K
DVD-How I Became a $2M Business
DVD-Building A Business Model Based On Repeat Clients
Advertising seal for C.O.R.E. training users
Apartment/Condo Relationship Building Template
Brochure for marketing-3 fold,print on your PC-Circle of Excellence
Christmas Cleaning Poem for Client & Advertising Use
Client Customer Service Call Log Sheet
Client Customer Service Call Script
Client Easter/Mother’s Day Customer Service Call Script
Coloring Book on Manners
Competitor Pricing-Script to get competitor’s prices and tracking log
Daily Activity Log Spreadsheet
Data Sheet for client-tracks client info and preferences
Flyers-Package of 12 for each holiday
Hospital Relationship Building Proposal Template
Inbound sales/quote client data form
Media List for Press Releases template
Outbound Scripts for one times, cancelled and never serviced
Policies for Clients of Cleaning Services
Press Release for Cause cleanings
Press Releases
Pricing and Labor Matrix Calculator
Pricing for deep clean tasks, i.e. wet wiping, inside refrig, etc
Prospect Response Emails 1 & 2 for internet and Service Magic, etc Inquiries
Hospitals,Schools, Apartments/Condos Relationship Building Proposal Template
Relationship Building with Hospitals Script
Relationship Building with Media Script
Relationship Building with Real Estate Agencies Script
Response Card for client feedback for Website &/or Card
Sales Script Inbound Repeat
Sales script-inbound one time or make ready
School Relationship Building Proposal Template
DVD Accurate Pricing, Quoting and Selling Over the Phone
Seminar Recording: Customer Focus & Satisfaction-English
Seminar Recording: Maximizing Holiday Profits & Scheduling-English
Seminar Recording: Zero Cost Advertising-English
Services Provided-Company Profile Sheet to give client
Spring Cleaning Redefined article for newspaper
Welcome Letter for new client
DVD Dot Your i’s and Cross Your t’s-Employee Handbooks
Seminar Recording: Empower Your Cleaners-English
Recruiting, Interviewing and Hiring the Best Cleaners Online seminar-English
Seminar Recording: From Cleaning to Coaching-English
Applicant Call In Log
Attendance Log
Breakage note for client and form for office-English
Cash Advance Contract-English & Spanish
christmas employee poem-English & Spanish
Cleaning Tools Acceptance Form (English & Spanish)
New hire 10 day daily evaluation form for training time
Daily Team Tracking Form
Desired Product Format Per Meeting
Disciplinary Actions – Verbal, Written & Probationary Forms – English & Spanish
Application for Employment-English & Spanish
Employee Handbook – English & Spanish
Employee Handbook Quiz – English & Spanish
Cleaning Vocabulary List-English/Spanish
Exit Interview Questions (English & Spanish)
General Employee Survey-English
Applicant Interview Questions–English & Spanish
Job Description – Customer Service Manager – English & Spanish
Job Description – Partner – English & Spanish
Job Description – Quality Assurance Manager – English
Job Description -Supervisor/Team Leader – English & Spanish
Job Posting Form – Cleaners & Office Staff-English
Noncompetition and Nonsolicitation Provisions-English & Spanish
Performance Appraisal – Partners – English & Spanish
Performance Appraisal – Supervisor/Team Leader – English & Spanish
Quality Control Checklist-English
Reference Checking Form (English & Spanish)
Time Off Request-English & Spanish
Seminar Recording Worksheet: 7 Habits of Highly Successful Cleaning Employees Part 1-English & Spanish
Seminar Recording Worksheet: 7 Habits of Highly Successful Cleaning Employees Part 2-English & Spanish
Seminar Recording Worksheet: Building a Winning Team Part 1-English & Spanish
Seminar Recording Worksheet: Building a Winning Team Part 2-English & Spanish
Seminar Recording Worksheet: Habit #1 Being Proactive-English & Spanish
Seminar Recording Worksheet: Habit #2 Begin With the End in Mind-English & Spanish
Seminar Recording Worksheet: Habit #3 Put First Things First-English & Spanish
Seminar Recording: 7 Habits of Highly Successful Home Cleaning Employees Part 1-English & Spanish
Seminar Recording: 7 Habits of Highly Successful Home Cleaning Employees Part 2-English & Spanish
Seminar Recording: Building a Winning Team Part 1 for Cleaning Team Leaders-English & Spanish
Seminar Recording: Building a Winning Team Part 2 for Cleaning Team Leaders-English & Spanish
Seminar Recording: Dealing with Rude and Pushy People-English & Spanish
Seminar Recording: Habit #1 Being Proactive-English & Spanish
Seminar Recording: Habit #2 Begin With the End in Mind-English & Spanish
Seminar Recording: Habit #3 Put First Things First-English & Spanish
Reducing Turnover online seminar recording
Budget Calculator
Price Increase Letters for current repeat clients 1 & 2
Vehicle Maintenance Form
Goal Wall Chart Template for Tracking and Displaying plan vs actual for full office
Daily Activity Log Spreadsheet
DVDs (yours forever)
5 Stages Of Growth In Any Small Business Cylce-Stage 1
5 Stages Of Growth In Any Small Business Cylce-Stage 2
Accurate Pricing, Quoting and Selling on the Phone
Building A Business Model Based on Repeat Clients
Building A Winning Team for Owners and Managers
Dot Your i’s and Cross your t’s-Employee Handbooks
How I Became A $2M Business
How To Control Your Time
Orientation-Person of Influence
Principles of Leadership
Putting Hope Where Others Think There Is None
7 Habits of Highly Successful Cleaners (3 meetings)

Julie McAdoo Testimonial – Refresh Your Nest – Tampa, FL – Ashley Windsor Testimonial – CleanSpace –

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