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In this ‘if anything can go wrong it will’ residential cleaning service environment a key factor is having a simple to implement training program in place. It is core to the success of your company and, too often, poor training is at the core of many of our daily problems. Your cleaning process must be efficient, consistent and perfection driven. A process driven cleaning system will start your employees out with good habits from day one in both the administrative and cleaning responsibilities of their jobs. A well deployed process driven cleaning system will make the difference between complaints and satisfied repeat clients as well as the difference between a team of 2 cleaning 4 large homes a day instead of 3, with the added bonus that they will not be fatigued. Efficiency is not only good for the bottom line it is also good for the cleaner both physically and monetarily.


Determine what process of cleaning your company will use as well as the number of team members, if you will rotate cleaning areas within a cleaning team, etc. There are a number of different ways to run a residential cleaning service and each one requires a different approach in your day to day operations and, of course, your training process. Then determine what process of cleaning your company will follow. Will they always start at the same spot in a kitchen, will they use aprons, do they do all of the glass cleaning on one trip and all of the dusting on another trip, etc. Document these decisions in a way that can be easily and consistently shared with your cleaning employees on their first day of work.



Train each and every new employee how to clean using your cleaning process, whether they come with experience or not. If you are introducing a new system to your current cleaning staff train each and every one of them the new system. You are not retraining them because it is a new system and they have not learned it yet. Approach them with the same confident and motivational attitude you would take with a new employee. Demonstrate your system to the new and/or current employees until they can answer a set of questions regarding the system.   Media is the most effective and consistent mode of demonstration.  Always have the new employee learn your system before they even enter a home. When your trainer watches everything that the new employee does in the h it is an act of professional and actually admired by your clients and leaves them not viewing your company as having a lot of turnover but, rather, having a quality driven management system in place.  What is key to the level of professionalism in the eye of the client is a trainer who does not pick up a rag while training.

For an in depth understanding of starting, growing and running a successful residential cleaning business using our premiere DVD training, please view the following samples.


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