5 Stages of Growth in a Small Business-Stage 2 Survival $155-410K


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It is a fact that most businesses get into a stall from time to time. A cleaning service based on a repeat business model should increase their net repeat client count by 40-60 repeat clients per year. We do, of course, have our super achievers that can sell 135 repeat clients in 100 days and they are super benchmarks for this industry. If your business has not grown that much each year for the past 3 consecutive years, and you want it to grow, then you should analyze the 7 Key Factors that drive your company and the components of each of those 7 KeyFactors.


Owners at Stage 2 have an annual gross revenue of $155-410,000 per year and are in the second of five stages of growth, the Survival Stage. You have the necessary coverage in place to have conquered Stage 1 and it is time to examine the benchmarks for each of the 7 key categories of Leadership, Information and Analysis, Strategic Planning, Human Resource Development and Management, Process Management, Business Results and Customer Focus and Satisfaction that must be in place to reach Stage 3. If you have not gone through the process of examining your company in terms of the 7 Key
Factors when you were producing under $155K, you might want to do that now, even though you have produced more income. A solid foundation is mandatory to reach Stage 3.
To move from each of the stages into the next you must develop 7 key factors, and everything connected to that factor. The seven key factors are:
• Information and Analysis
• Strategic Planning
• Human Resource Development and Management
• Process Management
• Business Results
• Leadership
• Customer Focus and Satisfaction


Learn what is involved in each of these factors and then develop the necessary forms, processes, systems and tracking mechanisms to put everything in place that is necessary to evolve to stage 3. i.e. Information and Analysis includes putting a process in place for tracking, trending, analyzing and managing things like customer maps, billing information, response cards, quality call comments, performance appraisals, supply usage, attendance, tardiness, turnover, etc. This is just part of the first key factor to your moving from stage 1 to stage 2. Sound complicated? If you have never been in an office setting before it will be. You will learn a lot and it will be as much fun as you let it be. Do not waste time reinventing the wheel. There is a world of resources out there. Search each of the key factors above on the internet. They are the basis for the Malcolm Baldridge Award application so there is a ton of information out there on each of the key factors. Read it. Make a plan and follow your plan into the next stage.

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