Train The Trainer: How To Effectively Implement A House Cleaning Process




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There is nothing that you will do in your company that is more important than training your cleaners. Training requires time, patience and focus. If you take the time to train your cleaners to follow a process and you have the patience to be sure that they know and follow that process consistently with every cleaning, everything else in your company will fall into place. There is a process for training just like there is a process for cleaning. There are three important keys to successful training

  1. Training must be the only thing on the trainers schedule, to do list and mind for that training day
  2. Do not try to train more than one person at a time, no exceptions
  3. Never never take your eye off of the trainee

Another fact about training is it is more difficult to train a seasoned/experienced cleaner than a new one because they have more established habits to break. A new cleaner has no habits.

Follow the process for training and you will have quality results in benchmark time.


Train all employees to use exactly the same overall processes for cleaning. Schedule times to train current employees and a full day to train each new employee. Determine what area each cleaner will be cleaning and teach general process and specific rules for that area. Create a test to check that the employee understands what they learned before they begin to clean.


Have the employee watch a video using your process for cleaning a home.  Having the employee watch you will cost you some of your ‘person of influence’ impact on your cleaner and your ability to influence their thoughts beliefs and actions.  After watching the video, test them for comprehension and then immediately hit the field. Do not do anything else before the cleaner gets an opportunity to use the process. Train only one employee at a time and train only one area at a time. Glue yourself to the trainee and never take your eye off of them. Do not talk to the client and then join the trainee. Keep the trainee at your side if you need to talk with the client. The first five minutes of training the cleaner in a home is the most important five minutes-focus focus focus. If you use individuals it will take 1 to 2 days to retrain a current employee to know the process in all 3 areas of cleaning. If the individual is a new employee it will probably take a minimum of 3 days to train the employee in all 3 areas. Do not move on to a new area until the cleaner is flawless in the current area being trained. If you use teams of 3, and they are only cleaning one area, retraining can be accomplished in day and a new cleaner can be trained in one day.

Remember that it takes 17 times to create a new habit and more if you have to break an old one.

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