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red arrowSPECIAL TOTAL PACKAGE OFFER**5 C.O.R.E. Cleaning Training Modules in English and Spanish PLUS video Orientation-Person of Influence PLUS video Train the Trainer PLUS 12 support forms/manuals for orientation and house cleaning training in both English and Spanish


  • Module I: Before You Pick Up a Rag: Covers dress, rules in the home, cleaning supplies & equipment, preparing to enter the client’s home and entering the home
  • Module II: How to Clean a Kitchen: Includes supplies needed, preparation of kitchen, instructional cleaning processes, rules and efficiency practices.
  • Module III: How to Clean a Bathroom: Includes pre-inspection of all baths for mildew, instructions for long dusting and wet and dry cleaning trips
  • Module IV: How to Long and Short Dust: Uses an apron for efficiency and follows top to bottom-one direction only system for long and short dusting
  • Module V: Beds, Floors and Wrapping Up: Covers changing of linens, large vacuuming, small vacuuming, mopping floors, final walk through and exiting the home

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7 Minute C.O.R.E. training Video Samples


The first step that an employee goes through when they join any company is the safety step. To create a feeling of safety in a new employee it is very important to let them know what your company policies and expectations are. It is also very important to share your company values and mission with the new employee. If you do not share both of these areas with your new employee you will probably always wonder why they do not think like you think about your company, but the answer to that question is very simple. How could they feel like you feel when you never shared your thoughts with them?  This video walks you through everything you need to cover with a new employee to make them feel safe.  It gives you and agenda to follow as well as the forms and manuals to support your orientation.  All support materials are in both English and Spanish and are listed below.

 Cash Advance Contract-English & Spanish – $5.00
Cleaning Tools Acceptance Form (English) – $5.00
Employee Handbook – English – $30.00
Employee Handbook – Spanish – $40.00
Employee Handbook Quiz – English – $5.00
Employee Handbook Quiz – Spanish – $12.00
Job Description – Partner – English – $5.00
Job Description – Partner – Spanish – $7.50
Job Description – Team Leader – English – $5.00
Job Description – Team Leader – Spanish – $7.50
Non-competition and Non-solicitation Provisions-English – $7.50
Request for Time Off-English & Spanish – $5.00
Attendance Log – $7.50
Non-competition and Non-solicitation Provisions-Spanish – $10.00
English/Spanish/Portuguese Cleaning Vocabulary List – $15.00
Daily Evaluation Form for 10 day new cleaner training program – $5.00
Orientation Person of Influence video on flash drive – $34.95


It is no secret to any owner who has hired their first cleaner that training a human being to do exactly what they are supposed to do each time in each house, in the right amount of time, without breaking or damaging anything is key to their success as a business owner because that is the only thing they have to sell, cleaners.  As you grow you must also have the ability to pass your training skills on to other cleaners who will be promoted into training positions.  If you cannot make this happen you cannot be a large company because you cannot do it all and be in more than one place at a time.  You must ‘clone’ yourself.  In order to clone yourself you must have a consistent and habitual process for training so that it can be mimicked.

This 5 hour video will thoroughly walk you through every step in the process of training a new hire how to clean a home with 5 star quality in less than a day.  It also has demonstrations of actual cleanings, supplies suggestions and suggestions for keeping repeat clients.

TOTAL COST  $1104.95

On sale until Monday 1/17/20

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