House Cleaning Training: C.O.R.E. English &/Or Spanish-Full 5 Module Sets-7 Payments

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  • Module I: Before You Pick Up a Rag: Covers dress, rules in the home, cleaning supplies & equipment, preparing to enter the client’s home and entering the home
  • Module II: How to Clean a Kitchen: Includes supplies needed, preparation of kitchen, instructional cleaning processes, rules and efficiency practices.
  • Module III: How to Clean a Bathroom: Includes pre-inspection of all baths for mildew, instructions for long dusting and wet and dry cleaning trips
  • Module IV: How to Long and Short Dust: Uses an apron for efficiency and follows top to bottom-one direction only system for long and short dusting
  • Module V: Beds, Floors and Wrapping Up: Covers changing of linens, large vacuuming, small vacuuming, mopping floors, final walk through and exiting the home

For an in depth understanding of starting, growing and running a successful residential cleaning business using our premiere DVD training, view all of our DVD samples.

7 Minute C.O.R.E. training Video Samples

Just Reduced! $199 $110

$115.00 / month for 5 months and a $184.00 downRead more

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