Inbound sales-Accurate Pricing, Quoting and Selling on the Phone

Inbound phone sales bundle flash drive

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Company Profile Sheet-Services Provided – $3.75
Daily Activity Log Spreadsheet – $10.00
Policies for Clients of Cleaning Services – $5.60
Sales Script Inbound Repeat – $15.00
Sales script-inbound one time or make ready – $15.00
Welcome Letter for Cleaning Company Clients – $3.75
Pricing for deep clean tasks, i.e. wet wiping, inside refrig, etc – $15.00
Inbound sales/quote data form – $6.00
Prospect Response Emails 1 & 2 for internet and Service Magic, etc Inquiries – $10.00
Accurate pricing quoting and selling DVD updated March, 2019 – $34.95
Pricing and Labor Matrix Calculator – $30.00

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Inbound Repeat Client Script

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Selling a repeat client requires one very important thing that must be done every time your phone rings, especially if you are a start up company, and that is answer your phone by the 2nd time it rings EVERY time it rings!   Continuing to operate your service with that mission in mind will give you continued growth, increased profits and ease of management. The easier it is for a client to receive a quote the faster they can book and get on to something else in their busy lives. Everything in your company should be user friendly, especially for the industry educated repeat client. Your goal is a 90% close ratio. (That ratio is dependent upon a number of key factor influences along with this Key Factor.)  The second important factor is to listen to your prospect and deliver a consistent and complete description of your company and its services every time the client gives you permission to do so.


Write a script that describes what you do and how you do it.  How many people do you send?   Do you send the same people each time?  Do you bring your own supplies?  How do they pay?  When do they pay?  What do you clean?  What don’t you clean?

The script should conclude with a smooth transition to an either or question such as “We have openings next Monday and Tuesday, would either of those days work for you?”


Revise the sales script for each type of cleaning i.e. Repeat, one-time occupies and move-in move-out cleans.  Make enough copies of your script to distribute to everyone in your office.  If you are the only sales person in your office make one to take with you on a clip board along with your pricing matrix.  Use this script EVERY  time you talk to a prospect and require everyone else in your office to do the same.   I guarantee you that your repeat sales will rise. To make a repeat sale you have to ask for it.  85% of clients I work with go immediately for the deep clean and that is all they talk about.  You get what you ask for.  Why not ask for repeat service and then back into the deep clean, if you want.  A deep clean averages $400-600 and you do it once a year, maybe, and you have to start all over again with advertising to get another one.  A repeat client is worth $3200-4160/year and all you have to do is pull the key, perform a perfect cleaning every time you clean them and bill them.  If it makes money that easily, it makes sense.  (A side benefit, your cleaners will stay longer if they are only cleaning repeat clients because it is stress free and their tips increase.)

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