Breakage Note For Client & Form For Office


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Everyone knows that accidents happen. Your clients understand that as well. It is not the breakage or damage that will cause a client to cancel their service. It is lack of timely follow up that will move a client in the direction of canceling. Actually, timely resolution to the problem can have quit the opposite effect of canceling on the part of the client. We received more than one referral from clients whose homes we broke or damaged something in. The referred prospect actually told us that they were calling us because their friend told them what a great job we did of taking care of the problem.The key factor is that all breakage and damage, no matter how big or small, must be followed up by a phone call or email (calling is always better). If a team breaks something and the client tells them not to worry about it. Call the client anyway. You can never give too much timely customer service. Perhaps your cleaners misunderstood the client. Let them tell you again not to worry about it. Indeed, even if the client meant what they said to the cleaner they are probably expecting some kind of communications from the company. Capture them with kindness.


Put a form together with some of the basic information necessary to follow up on the breakage/damage. Things like the day and date the accident happened, who was responsible for the breakage/damage, what was broken/damaged, how did it happen, does the client know about it, who is responsible for following up, etc. This form should remain active until the resolution line with resolved date is completed.


Go over your Breakage/Damage Forms during orientation. Be sure that every Lead Cleaner or Team Leader has a few Breakage/Damage Forms in their vehicle. A report must be filled out in the home as soon as the breakage or damage happens. The office should be called at the same time. As soon as the office is informed of the problem the client should be called. It is far better to warn the client of what they are going to walk into when they get home than to have them surprised when they get home. The office should document their conversation with the client on another Breakage/Damage Form. When the cleaner brings in their form you simply staple the two together and keep working the problem until the problem is resolved. A final hand written note of apology to the client after everything is resolved would leave the client feeling like this was a remarkable experience even though it involved a momentary hardship to the client. With proper etiquette and commitment every stumbling block can be turned into a stepping stone of added loyalty from your clients. (I used to say we should break and damage more things because of the great PR it gives us—only kidding about breaking and damaging more!!)

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