Field Operations Manager Sessions

Many of us just got back from a week of learning, laughing, networking and most important, supporting

one another in a very difficult industry.  After what I saw happen this past week I decided to return to an

idea that was brought to me by a few owners a year ago; regularly scheduled Leadership sessions for your

Field Operations Managers.  What motivated me was the impact I saw peers have on one another.  There

were definitely a couple of owners in attendance who had visited brokers to sell their businesses in the

past month.  They were, frankly, sick of it.  Like we all get from time to time.  After interaction with their

peers they have returned to their offices with a renewed energy and commitment to their business and

are ready to kick -ss in 2019.   That will be close to impossible without their Field managers being on

board with their goals, much less if their Field Managers have left their company because of the same

frustrations the owner was feeling before networking with peers.

A Wharton management professor stated “Pay closer attention to your middle managers. They may have

a greater impact on company performance than almost any other part of the organization.”  Your Field

Operations Managers are middle managers.  You could get the job done without them.  You did before

they got there.  But how?  Your business and personal lives would change dramatically without them.

Just like you, from time to time they need to be reenergized and have their saws sharpened.  Again, just

like owners, Field Operations Managers can energize one another as well as teach each other new

concepts and approaches.  They are faced with similar situations every day and can bounce ideas off of

one another.

I am suggesting a “Sharpen Your Saw” session that meets every 3 weeks for 45 minutes.  It will

incorporate accountability, problem solving, networking and leadership skills.  I would like to use the

BNI format to accomplish this.  Each Field Operations Manager will:

  • Begin by reporting their numbers over the past 3 weeks (number potential cleaners interviewed, number hired, number fired, new repeat clients, etc.) (15 seconds)
  • Next round-Who in the group in past 3 weeks helped them solve a problem and how (1 min)
  • Next round-Unsolved problem they need help with (45 seconds)
  • End with a 5 minute presentation by one of the attendees on a topic to be determined-Each member will be required to do a topic until all have completed and we will start all over again

The cost is $50/session and it will automatically be billed so missed sessions will be billed.  I am

suggesting Wednesday 2:00pmCST sessions.  Session dates below.  Click here to register today.

All participants will be from offices that I have visited and trained the Field Operations Managers so it

will be relatively ‘like minds’.  Sessions will be held to 15 attendees or less.

11/28/18, 12/19/18, 1/9/18, 1/30/19, 2/20/18, 3/13/18, 4/3/18, 4/24/18, 5/15/18, 6/5/18

    • $50/session automaticaly billed  

      $50.00 every 3 weeks with a 7-day free trialAdd to cart


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