On-site mini house cleaning training experience

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This program is designed for the company with 12 or less employees who want to:

  • Consistently deliver 5 star cleanings
  • Improve cleaner moral
  • Stop first and second day cleaner churn
  • Create and/or train trainers
  • Bring an EXPERT TRAINER DIRECTLY TO YOUR front line people
  • Stop repeat client churn
  • Decrease cleaner churn
  • Increase client referrals
  • Increase cleaner referrals
  • Bring a ton of fun and education to your cleaners for 3 days


Sharon Tinberg, owner of Rags to Riches, and previous $2M producer with 60 employees will come to your office for 3 days (plus a preparation evening the night before) and train your trainer and your employees the C.O.R.E. process for cleaning.

You will not only learn a cleaning process but you will actually see it implemented and the dirt and dust this system eradicates from your client’s homes.  But the real bonus of Sharon coming to our office is that you can rid yourself of one of the major catalysts of analysis paralysis and that is getting started and putting it in place.  Things that work are easy to keep in place but it is getting to that point that is difficult.  Sharon will do that for you before she leaves your office.

The entire 3 days are dedicated to implementing the C.O.R.E. cleaning process and how to pass that process on to your cleaners.  Results from previous C.O.R.E. certified offices have been amazing and consistent.

Do not miss this opportunity to learn how to take your company to the next level.


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Also included in the package is one year free subscription for on-line C.O.R.E. videos and the cleaner game changer plus all employee forms and manuals listed on website.

Only $3999  Introductory offer $2999 expires 1/31/20

PLUS All travel expenses food and lodging

$3,999.00 Add to cart

Payment plan

$1000 down payment/$100 per week for 22 weeks

(Additional $200 for payment plan)

$100.00 / week for 22 weeks and a $1,000.00 down Add to cart



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