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Theft is a major concern in our industry. We want to do everything we possibly can to deter a major or petty theft problem resulting from one of our cleaners.
Our employees are the core of our company. We want to make every effort that is feasible to support them and their ability to come to work everyday and concentrate on performing quality work.


A small amount of money may make all of the difference in the world to the ability for one of our cleaners to come to work, to not be able to concentrate on their work because they don’t have any money to put in their car to get home after work or to not be tempted to take some change from a customer’s change jar. I realized this one of our first years in business. I had a great new employee not show up for work her 4th day of work. When she came in to pick up her paycheck I asked her why she was a no show. She explained to me that she did not have $5 (this was 20 years ago) to put gas in her car to get to work. When I asked her why she didn’t call and tell me that because I would have loaned her $5 she said she was too embarrassed. That day I started a cash advance against future pay system that worked fantastic for 20 years.


Include the cash advance form in the new hire packet. Present it to the new employee their first day so that they know it is available to them. Show them where you keep the forms in your office so that they do not need to be embarrassed asking for one. They can just go get it when they need it, fill it out and give it to you. I allowed $25 for employees under 90 days and $50 for employees over 90 days. They could not get any more money until the last advance was paid back and they needed to pay it back within 4 weeks. If they were absent any days in the previous week they did not qualify for a cash advance. If you are a bilingual facility be sure the cash advance is written in both English and Spanish. Write your own or purchase ours.

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Cash Advance Contract-English & Spanish

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