Christmas Cleaning Poem for Client & Advertising Use

She had to do something

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To help get things in shape

She needed some help

And it wasn’t scotch tape.


There is no better time to grow your business than during the holiday season. It is a fun and busy time of the year for everyone. Women actually become so overwhelmed at this time of the year that they are willing to ask for and accept help. House cleaning is one of the few things that they can ‘farm out’ by hiring it done. What is important during this season is that you keep your name out in front of people. You can do this in an inexpensive way. Make your own flyers and copy them on inexpensive green or red paper. It is also nice to thank your repeat clients at this time of year and you can also do that in several different inexpensive ways.


Make flyers for prospective clients that list the great gift ideas house cleaning gift certificates make for the holidays. Leave some kind of a flyer or notice for your clients giving them the same gift certificate ideas. Leave something for one time clients about giving the spouse repeat service for Christmas. Every chance you get promote cleaning services as the perfect gift idea.


Put something cute about Christmas on one side of an 81/2X11 paper in red or green and promote your service, gift certificates, etc on the back. You can do the same thing for your clients and put it with your holiday gift. Be sure the client holiday gifts go out the very first week of December so the flyers have enough time to work. They will also help your employees holiday tips. Remember, keep the client gift inexpensive to you. Make them cookies and put a home made card with it. It really is the thought that counts. Give them a heavy extra task for free but present it as a gift certificate to them. Don’t forget to have your cleaners hang flyers on doors around the houses you are cleaning promoting gift certificates (be sure to add the repeat spousal gift idea), especially at this time of the year.

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Have some fun with your customers during the holiday season with this play on words in the residential cleaning industry using this version of Twas the Night Before Christmas! Give it as a gift with cookies, display special offers, offer gift certificates on the back for some free advertising.
Christmas Cleaning Poem for Client & Advertising Use

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