Employee Christmas Appreciation Poem-English & Spanish

Your cleaner/employees really are far more important to you than your client. We recommend you show them every day for 12 days before Christmas how much they mean to you. This will make it fun for them to come to the office every day at a very stressful time in their lives. The first gift that you will give them is their very own coffee mug which they will fill with the coffee that you have made for them. Attached to the mug will be the ’employee ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas poem written especially for them. You will have free coffee prepared for them every day before Christmas and each day after the first day you will have something else to give them along with the coffee.
A list of inexpensive items is listed below that you can use each day or think of your own ideas. You might want to make the last day a little larger item with a special Christmas gift to them, but you certainly do not need to. This will show them every day for 12 days just how much they mean to you. Granted, this is also a very busy time of the year for you but this idea is very simple to implement and easy to keep going. It will also give your cleaners something to look forward to each day besides another dirty home. Each day you want to attach a small piece of paper to their gift of the day that says: On the (11th ) day before Christmas I show my appreciation for you with —————-.

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Gift Ideas:

1. Mug for them to keep and coffee each day in their mug
2. Trail Mix
3. Piece of fruit
4. Cookies
5. Christmas Card
6. Ornament or ornaments on more than one day
7. Candy cane
8. Wrapping Paper (for the presents they will give)
9. Team thermos (So they can bring more coffee with them)
10. Merry Christmas Cake for the office-They each leave with a piece
11. Cupcakes
12. Lip balm/gloss
13. Hand lotion
14. Bottled water
15. Single serving cereal box
16. Energy bar
17. Measuring spoons
18. Breakfast tacos
19. Cookie cutter(s)
20. Dollar store kitchen gadgets
21. Dollar store bath gel

Last day gift ideas:

McDonald’s gift certificate
Grocery Store gift certificate
Walmart gift certificate

Twas the Night Before Christmas rewritten for appreciation of employees. First stanzas below

Twas 12 days before Christmas

And all through the town

Many homes needed cleaning

We can’t let them down.

English Poem

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