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There are two concerns regarding missing supplies. One is the cost of the missing supplies and a second is the lack of quality due to the missing supplies. Individual supplies are something that has to be managed. Each employee should be responsible for their individual supplies such as their apron, tile brush, duster, whisk broom and any other item that each employee needs to have. Things like vacuum cleaners and mops are a joint responsibility and will need to be handled differently.


Make a list of all of the supplies, and the replacement value of each item, that a cleaner is responsible for. Prepare a document for the employee to sign listing the supplies, the cost of each supply and a statement that they understand they will need to pay for any lost supply on that list. Keep their signed form in the employee file.


Have the employee sign the form the day they are oriented and are given their individual supplies. Check weekly to be sure they have all of the supplies on the list. If they do not have all of the supplies this is a red flag. How can they follow your system if they do not have all of their supplies to follow it? At this time you should do two things. Replace the missing supplies and inform the employee they will be deducted from their next paycheck and pop in on the cleaner the next day to see if they are following your system. Chances are they are not if they do not have all of the necessary supplies.

This weekly checking also offers you the opportunity to check the condition of their supplies. If they need to be replaced, and you are not contract labor, you need to replace them without any cost to the employee.

Be sure to check in your state for their policies and regulations on charging an employee for lost items.

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