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There is nothing more important to your success and ease of running your business than your repeat clients. One of the key factors for being successful at acquiring and keeping repeat clients is your effective use of the phone. A client must be called the day after their first cleaning, after their third cleaning and every 6-12 months after that.This step is key to leaving your client with a remarkable experience. How many of your vendors call you after you have utilized their services? I would venture a guess and say very few, if any. The health care field and veterinarians seem to be the only industries ‘hopping back on this bandwagon’.


Develop a follow up system for all first and third time cleanings for a client, if your software system does not have a tracking system for you. We did something as simple as highlighting the previous days clients on the previous days schedule that needed calling. When contact was made with them they were highlighted in a different color.The schedule was not filed away until all first or third time clients had been reached. We printed out a spreadsheet of all of our repeat clients every six months and used a tracking log sheet to call and track all of the results of the calls every six months.


Make all of your customer service calls at their office if you have their work number.The perfect situation is calling a client who is extremely happy at their office with one of their colleagues listening in and asks your client who it was. You cannot buy that kind of PR. They are sure to discuss the remarkable experience your client has had with your company. If there was a problem you are going to fix it immediately and you can’t buy that kind of PR either. No company is perfect. What separates the men from the boys is how we handle our problems.

Call your clients every 6-12 months to be sure they are still happy. Just because you are not hearing from them does not mean they are happy. Have a reason for calling them other than just checking on the service. Tell them you are updating your records. Do they have any new contact numbers or email addresses? Would they prefer to be contacted by phone or email? How is the service going? Have they talked to anyone lately who might need cleaning service? Use a log sheet to track and trend what you are hearing. If you hear any complaints discuss them immediately with the cleaning person/team and call the client after the next visit to see if they are happy. Call them again after their third visit to make sure they are still happy. Treat any complaint like you would a new client. Start the calling process all over again.

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