Coloring Book on Manners

Friends and good manners will carry you where money won’t go.

Margaret Walker

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“No one has yet fully realized the wealth of sympathy, kindness and generosity hidden in the soul of a child. The effort of every true education should be to unlock that treasure.”

Emma Goldman, author


A great place to reach millions of busy moms is the one place all moms intersect, at pre-school and school. Parents not only have to worry about the needs of their children (safety, education, nutrition,–) but they also have to worry about managing their own lives. Inspire loyalty by actually helping parents. Donate something to their school that will enhance the wellbeing of their child. Let parents know you’re not just a company but you’re a partner in their child advocacy. You want their son or daughter to succeed and be happy, too.


Make a safety coloring book that you give away to day care and preschools. The children color in them and then take them home. On the back of the coloring books place lots of information about your cleaning service. This will show parents how you can make their lives easier and enrich the lives of their kids at the same time by providing a clean environment in which to live, a coloring book to express their creativity, a safety manual to educate them and extra quality time to spend with their children while you clean their home. Continue to develop a relationship with parents by bringing a different coloring book every quarter or more. One for Mother’s Day with a coloring contest for a free house cleaning to the mother of the best colored picture was fun in our city. Valentine’s Day also makes a great coloring book for kids.


Search Day Care Center and Preschools in your cleaning area. Make as many copies of your coloring book as you have potential schools. Personally visit each school and ask to speak to the owner or Director and show them your coloring books. Keep in mind these schools operate at a lower net margin than you do so they are eager for anything they can get for free. You will have faster approval and orders if you go to non-franchise schools first because there will not be a ‘chain’ of decision makers. I do recommend you stop at all of them eventually, however. Show them the book and leave it with them. Ask them how many children they have and give them the expected delivery date for x number of coloring books, one for each child. If they are not sure tell them you are going to the printers in a week and you will call them before you go if you do not hear from them first.
This is a costly form of advertising because you have to pay for the coloring books, but it brings you long term repeat clients whose children you will one day clean. Those coloring books will be around forever because they cover an important subject and their kids colored them.

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