Competitor Pricing-Script to get competitor’s prices and tracking log


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In today’s highly competitive market you need to know what sets you apart from your competitors. As a matter of fact, you should determine what will set you apart from your competitors before you build your business model. You need to know everything about your competitor before you know you are the best value in town. How can you possible know what to tell a prospect that sets you apart from your competitor if you don’t know anything about your competitors.


Make a log of all of the things you want to learn about your competitors i.e What are their charges for one time and repeat cleanings, what is their time frame for arrival, what add on services do they perform, do they answer their phone? Do an internet search for cleaning services in your area and log the name of the company, telephone number, website address and email address, if available on the spread sheet with your questions.


Call the 8 competitors you have listed on your excel sheet and start asking for prices and other information. Do not use a phone that will identify you on caller ID.Ask as many questions as you can. Log everything they say on your spread sheet. You should know your competitors so well that when a prospect ‘slips’ and tells you who they has used in the past or gotten a current quote from you automatically know what strengths of your company you will want to stress (the weaknesses of the competitor who is also bidding this client). Whenever you hear something from a prospect regarding a competitor that is new to you log it on your competitor tracking log.

You never want to say anything negative about a competitor but you sure do not want to miss the opportunity to bring out your strengths in areas that justhappen to be the weaknesses of your direct competitor.

Listen closely to their sales ‘pitches’ and be sure that you are strong where you thought they were weak. After all, first impressions are lasting impressions.

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