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your cleaning staff being trained. They want to know that your staff will be organized, effective, careful and thorough. Most cleaning services say very little about their training in their advertising. Trained staff does not really prove that your staff is trained. Think of some way to prove to your public that your staff has been trained and then use that consistently in your advertising. Build a reputation as ‘the company that trains their people’ (and be sure you do!).


Add a simple statement to your ‘sales presentation’ whether on the phone or in the home that describes your training process to your prospect. i.e. If you use C.O.R.E. training you would want to say that all of your cleaners have been certified by C.O.R.E. training which is the training College for Residential Cleaning Employees. What they learn in C.O.R.E. training is how to process clean so that they are efficient, thorough and organized which also helps to reduce breakage and damage. When doing advertising pieces you will want to include the C.O.R.E. seal on every single piece and make a simple statement somewhere that all of your employees are C.O.R.E. certified.


If you sell on the phone add a training statement to your phone script. Not too long, but something in addition to “All of our employees are thoroughly trained”-How? If you do in home quotes you might want to add a full page to your handout highlighting training. Perhaps a picture of an employee being trained with a few statements about your training. If you use C.O.R.E. the seal should go on this advertising piece. Add something about training to all brochures and advertising pieces. If you use C.O.R.E. add the seal to all of your advertising pieces and start putting it on your flyers that you put out on your own around the houses you clean. Never put out another piece of advertising without the seal.


C.O.R.E. Seal free to current C.O.R.E. owners. YOU MUST BE A C.O.R.E. owner to use this seal in your advertising .


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