Cross Country Training-On site training for Managers, Trainers and Cleaners in cleaning processes and procedures


The perfect reason to finally visit the office of your BAFF (Best Associate Friend Forever).

Let your Field Manager or Trainer Piggyback too
  • Bring your Field Manager or Trainer (only one) and I will train two Managers at the same time; one from host company and one from visiting company
  • 10-20 cleaners can be trained in one area in 5 days to clean exactly as your process and procedures dictate, missing nothing
  • Owners learn as much from each other in that week as their Managers. This unique opportunity allows an owner to see another owner’s operation on a daily basis over a period of 5 days. The visiting company can also offer a lot of ideas to the hosting office because it is a new set of eyes viewing their work flow
  • Field Managers learn from one another; from their strengths, weaknesses and mistakes. They also gain something invaluable. A person to call in this industry, with whom they have been joined at the hips for 5 days, and does the exact same thing as they do.
  • Each company receives word documents with documented processes and a documented Procedural Manual tailored to their actions, products and tools.
  • Biggest advantage of Piggybacking Program is obvious. Same price but someone to help with the cost of the program and expenses.
ONLY $7999 plus expenses (airfare, room accommodations, food) DOWN PAYMENT  $3,000  Balance due last day of visit

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This unique program trains and motivates your entire staff.  It is designed for companies that have a minimum of 5 cleaners and is most beneficial for the large office with one or more field and office managers that would also benefit from developmental training but it is too expensive to put them all on planes, pay for food and lodging and, again, have no one in the office.  Sharon brings the training to you and your staff.   This is also the perfect program for the office that is getting ready to promote a Field Manager.  Sharon will train that Manager for you.  Sharon can retrain process and procedure training in one area to as many as 28 cleaners in 5 days if the  homes are small.  Promote from within and let Sharon train your cleaners (supervisors/team leaders) how to be trainers, leaders and managers.


ONLY $7999 plus expenses (airfare, room accommodations, food)

DOWN PAYMENT  $3,000  Balance due last day of visit

$3,000.00Add to cart

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On-site training is the most effective coaching you can receive in this business.  You receive immediate results, both operationally and financially, when you bring coaching directly to your office.  Cross Country Training is a 5 day face to face training program with  Sharon Tinberg in your very own city, office and client’s homes.  Sharon will work with you, your management staff and your cleaners to produce the best quality and efficiency possible which will increase the quality of your life, your manager’s lives, your cleaner’s lives and your client’s lives.  The real BONUS  is your entire staff will be cleaning exactly the same way and you will be left with a process driven, easy to use cleaning training program and a fully certified staff of cleaners and trainers who are C.O.R.E. Certified.


Days are spent in the field training and upgrading outside operations.  Early morning and evenings are spent analyzing and tweaking your inside operations; sales, marketing, scheduling, budgeting, leadership.   Whatever time and needs allow.

Your 5 Day Agenda personalized agenda will be based on your needs

  • All documents and videos on Rags to Riches will be accessible through your dashboard for one year. They can be viewed and/or downloaded for one year from date of purchase.  All employee documents and training videos are in English and Spanish.

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