Cross Country Training For Starting Or Growing Your Business

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Basic plan begins with 5 full days in your office or home working on your business 12-14 hours per day or more.  The plan can be extended to include up to 5 1/2 additional days. Call Sharon at 512-964-9750 to discuss the additional cost for additional days.  Plans do include everything on the website ($3010 value)  face to face learning from Sharon Tinberg in your very own city, office and client’s homes.  Here Sharon is teaching long dusting to a current cleaner at one of her offices and in the other photo she is helping to determine necessary processes and putting them into place with the office of another office.  Sharon will work with you, your management staff and your cleaners to produce the best quality and efficiency possible which will increase the quality of your life, your manager’s lives, your cleaner’s lives and your client’s lives.

This unique program trains and motivates your entire staff.  It is designed for companies that have a minimum of 4 cleaners cleaning for their company with the single owner(s) having no support staff so they cannot leave their office for even a day.  It is also for the large office with one or more field and office managers that would also benefit from developmental training but it is too expensive to put them all on planes, pay for food and lodging and, again, have no one in the office.  I will bring the training to you and your staff.   This is also the perfect program for the office that is getting ready to promote a Field Manager.  I will train that Manager for you.

Promote from within and let me train your cleaners (supervisors/team leaders) how to be trainers, leaders and managers.

Sample 5 Day Agenda-Your personalized agenda will be based on your needs


Sunday X/X/17

3:41pm Arrive xxxxx-I will have a checked bag. Meet outside arrivals-I will text when wheels hit ground in xxxx.

3:34-5:00pm Drive to Air BB&B/hotel/home check in and get settled

5:00-5:15pm   Review Agenda

BIB manuals

5:15-5:45pm How to Control Your Time

5:45-6:30 Look at openings in schedule for next 4 weeks

6:30-7:45        Total vision alignment

Team cleaning consistency

Job descriptions

Profit Sharing Board

Team visits to office-weekly or twice a week

Sales script and Periodic tasks

Absenteeism policy-Look at current absences

Employee evaluation ranking form

Supervisor pay and responsibilities

Adhere to video process without exception?

Area of responsibility-Change positions?

Applicant call in log

Performance appraisal benchmarks

7:45-8:00        Employee Handbook-Absenteeism policy

8:00-9:30 Bite to eat
Monday X/X/17

7:30-8:30pm Sharon and xxx meet and go to meeting area with xxxx

8:30-11:30am Watch teams clean-Sharon and xxx

11:30-12:00 Assess teams

12:00-12:30 Current call in statistics for sales

Call in log for sales statistics

Grab bite to eat

12:30-1:00pm Job Descriptions

1:00-1:20pm Building a Business Model Based On Repeat Clients

1:20-2:20pm Accurate Pricing, Quoting and Selling on the phone

Profile sheet

Periodic tasks

Phone script


Welcome package

2:20-4:00pm Plan one-on-ones for next day, look at absences, part time and full time cleaners Discuss team pairs/if feasible

Make training chart with due dates for Field Manager Sharon and xxx

4:00-6:00 Make wall board

Profit-sharing plan and items for profit-sharing board

6:00-8:00 Intertwine the shiny and new with the tried and true

8:00-9:30 Bite to Eat
Tuesday X/XX/17

7:30-9:30 One-on-ones with teams

9:30-10:30 Sharon and xxxx

Job description

Leadership versus management

10:30-2:00pm Retrain xxx to clean C.O.R.E. process, exactly

New Employee Evaluation Form

2:00-3:30pm xxx watch

Principles of Leadership

Building a Winning Team

Sharon and xxxxx

Walk through sales process

Walk through check out process

Walk through check in process

Tracking and saving cancels

3:30-5:00pm Sharon and xxx

Retraining schedule

One-on-ones with cleaners Sharon and xxx

5:00-6:00 Flyers

6:00-8:00 Budget

8:00-9:30 Bite to eat
Wednesday X/XX/17

7:30-3:30pm Train current cleaners-Complete 1.5 teams/3 solos Sharon and xxx

3:30-5:00pm One-on-Ones Sharon, cleaners and xxx

5:00-8:00pm Create newsletter

8:00-9:30 Bite to eat


Thursday 1/26/17

7:30-3:30 Continue training Sharon and xxx 1.5 teams/3 solos in one area

3:30-4:15pm xxx watch Being a Person of Influence-Orientation


Employee forms

Job descriptions

Two and three person team roles and responsibilities

Daily Team Tracking Form

Quality Control Check List

Sharon and xxx Outbound sales follow up calls

4:15-5:00pm Co-ordinate weekly check outs


Days, teams, jobs

5:00-8:00pm Performance appraisals and setting benchmarks

8:00-9:30 Bite to eat
Friday 1/27/17

7:30-12:00pm Train one more team with xxx

Performance appraisals

12:00-4:30pm xxx trains alone

10:30-2:00 Put processes in place for following marketing plans

Cause marketing


Customer Service Calls

2:00-3:00pm     Complete loose ends

3:00pm Leave for airport


ONLY $7999 plus expenses (airfare, room accommodations, food)

$7,999.00 Add to cart

 Payment Plan $2499 down $200/week for 30 weeks (plus expenses)

$200.00 / week for 32 weeks with a 7-day free trial and a $2,000.00 down Add to cart




    All documents and videos are accessible through your dashboard. They can be viewed and/or downloaded for one year from date of purchase.  All employee documents and training videos are in English and Spanish.


      • 2 Aprons plain with buckle, no logo, color that is available at the time
      • Cleaner roles and Responsibilities: 2 & 3 Person Teams English
      • Cleaning notebook for C.O.R.E. training (English & Spanish): Maid Easy Reference Guide Educator
      • House cleaning training: C.O.R.E. English & Spanish: 5 module DVD set OR on-line (your choice)
      • Supplies List: Buckets & Cars
      • Training: How to Implement C.O.R.E. training online seminar recording English



      • 7 Habits for Owners: Trilogy: 3 online seminars in English
      • Action Item List: Start Up & Grow: English
      • DVD 5 Stages of Growth in a Small Business: Stage 1 Existence $0-155K
      • DVD 5 Stages of Growth in a Small Business: Stage 2 Survival $155-410K

    DVD: How I Became a $2M Business

  • DVD: Building A Business Model Based On Repeat Clients

    • Advertising seal for C.O.R.E. training users
    • Apartment/Condo Relationship Building Template
    • Brochure for marketing: 3-fold, print on your PC: Circle of Excellence
    • Christmas Cleaning Poem for Client & Advertising Use
    • Client Customer Service Call Log Sheet
    • Client Customer Service Call Script
    • Client Easter/Mother’s Day Customer Service Call Script
    • Coloring Book on Manners
    • Competitor Pricing: Script to get competitor’s prices and tracking log
    • Daily Activity Log Spreadsheet
    • Data Sheet for client: tracks client info and preferences
    • Flyers: Package of 12 for each holiday
    • Hospital Relationship Building Proposal Template
  • Inbound sales/quote client data form
  • Media List for Press Releases template
  • Outbound Scripts for one times, cancelled and never serviced
  • Policies for Clients of Cleaning Services
  • Press Release for Cause cleanings
  • Press Releases
  • Pricing and Labor Matrix Calculator
  • Pricing for deep clean tasks, i.e. wet wiping, inside refrig, etc
  • Prospect Response Emails 1 & 2 for internet and Service Magic, etc Inquiries
  • Hospitals,Schools, Apartments/Condos Relationship Building Proposal Template
  • Relationship Building with Hospitals Script
  • Relationship Building with Media Script
  • Relationship Building with Real Estate Agencies Script
  • Response Card for client feedback for Website &/or Card
  • Sales Script Inbound Repeat
  • Sales script: inbound one time or make ready
  • School Relationship Building Proposal Template
  • DVD Accurate Pricing, Quoting and Selling Over the Phone
  • Seminar Recording: Customer Focus & Satisfaction: English
  • Seminar Recording: Maximizing Holiday Profits & Scheduling: English
  • Seminar Recording: Zero Cost Advertising: English
  • Services Provided: Company Profile Sheet to give client
  • Spring Cleaning Redefined article for newspaper
  • Welcome Letter for new client

    • DVD Dot Your i’s and Cross Your t’s: Employee Handbooks
    • Seminar Recording: Empower Your Cleaners: English
    • Recruiting, Interviewing and Hiring the Best Cleaners Online seminar: English
    • Seminar Recording: From Cleaning to Coaching: English
    • Applicant Call In Log
    • Attendance Log
    • Breakage note for client and form for office: English
    • Cash Advance Contract: English & Spanish
    • christmas employee poem: English & Spanish
    • Cleaning Tools Acceptance Form (English & Spanish)
    • New hire 10 day daily evaluation form for training time
    • Daily Team Tracking Form
    • Desired Product Format Per Meeting
  • Disciplinary Actions: Verbal, Written & Probationary Forms: English & Spanish
  • Application for Employment: English & Spanish
  • Employee Handbook: English & Spanish
  • Employee Handbook Quiz: English & Spanish
  • Cleaning Vocabulary List: English/Spanish
  • Exit Interview Questions (English & Spanish)
  • General Employee Survey: English
  • Applicant Interview Questions: English & Spanish
  • Job Description: Customer Service Manager: English & Spanish
  • Job Description: Partner: English & Spanish
  • Job Description: Quality Assurance Manager: English
  • Job Description: Supervisor/Team Leader: English & Spanish
  • Job Posting Form: Cleaners & Office Staff: English
  • Noncompetition and Nonsolicitation Provisions: English & Spanish
  • Performance Appraisal: Partners: English & Spanish
  • Performance Appraisal: Supervisor/Team Leader: English & Spanish
  • Quality Control Checklist: English
  • Reference Checking Form (English & Spanish)
  • Time Off Request: English & Spanish
  • Seminar Recording Worksheet: 7 Habits of Highly Successful Cleaning Employees Part 1: English & Spanish
  • Seminar Recording Worksheet: 7 Habits of Highly Successful Cleaning Employees Part 2: English & Spanish
  • Seminar Recording Worksheet: Building a Winning Team Part 1: English & Spanish
  • Seminar Recording Worksheet: Building a Winning Team Part 2: English & Spanish
  • Seminar Recording Worksheet: Habit #1 Being Proactive: English & Spanish
  • Seminar Recording Worksheet: Habit #2 Begin With the End in Mind: English & Spanish
  • Seminar Recording Worksheet: Habit #3 Put First Things First: English & Spanish
  • Seminar Recording: 7 Habits of Highly Successful Home Cleaning Employees Part 1: English & Spanish
  • Seminar Recording: 7 Habits of Highly Successful Home Cleaning Employees Part 2: English & Spanish
  • Seminar Recording: Building a Winning Team Part 1 for Cleaning Team Leaders: English & Spanish
  • Seminar Recording: Building a Winning Team Part 2 for Cleaning Team Leaders: English & Spanish
  • Seminar Recording: Dealing with Rude and Pushy People: English & Spanish
  • Seminar Recording: Habit #1 Being Proactive: English & Spanish
  • Seminar Recording: Habit #2 Begin With the End in Mind: English & Spanish
  • Seminar Recording: Habit #3 Put First Things First: English & Spanish
  • Reducing Turnover online seminar recording

    • Budget Calculator
    • Price Increase Letters for current repeat clients 1 & 2
    • Vehicle Maintenance Form
    • Goal Wall Chart Template for Tracking and Displaying plan vs actual for full office
    • Daily Activity Log Spreadsheet
  • DVDs (yours forever)
  • 5 Stages Of Growth In Any Small Business Cylce: Stage 1
  • 5 Stages Of Growth In Any Small Business Cylce: Stage 2
  • Accurate Pricing, Quoting and Selling on the Phone
  • Building A Business Model Based on Repeat Clients
  • Building A Winning Team for Owners and Managers
  • Dot Your i’s and Cross your t’s: Employee Handbooks
  • How I Became A $2M Business
  • How To Control Your Time
  • Orientation: Person of Influence
  • Principles of Leadership
  • Putting Hope Where Others Think There Is None
  • 7 Habits of Highly Successful Cleaners (3 meetings)


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