Employee Classified Ad and Employee Referral Bonus Form (English & Spanish)




If you do not have cleaners to clean your homes you are out of business or your growth stops with what you can clean yourself. Finding dependable employees with good attitudes is key to your success. You can train them as long as they have good attitudes and show up for the first training day and after. But first you need to find them.


There are many sources for finding dependable cleaners with winning attitudes:

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  • Run a good classified advertisement in your local paper. Advertise for full time and be upbeat
  • Craigs List is a great new venue for recruiting new employees
  • Put a sign in the window of your company vehicle (that does not block the view of the driver) with large print “HIRING NOW” and your company phone number. This always worked great for our company
  • When you are out at a car wash, McDonalds, the dry cleaners, etc. observe the employees that are waiting on you. If you are extremely impressed after seeing this person several times, talk to them about working for you. Give them your business card and ask them if you can call them sometime to talk about what your company has to offer
  • There are recruiting and outsourcing companies in your city like Manpower. Not all of them are willing to work with residential cleaning services, so ask them that first before you waste your time
  • Filing your open position with your local unemployment office is great today with the high unemployment rate and they are free
  • Call area churches and ask if they have members looking for work. Many cleaning services have found success with Jehovah Witness churches. I used them 18 years ago and had great luck
  • Offer an internal recruiting referral bonus to your current staff if they bring you an employee. Put parameters on it regarding longevity and when they will receive their bonus. Make the bonus and requirements match what you need and how ‘desperate’ you are.


Write your own classified ads or use the ones we have on our shopping cart that are listed below. If you have a large Spanish market advertise in your local Spanish newspaper. It is very inexpensive and draws well. If you need them to speak English then put that in the ad and do not print the ad in Spanish. If it does not matter if they are bi-lingual, a Spanish ad will pull better in the Spanish paper as well as the unemployment office. Get the word out to your current employees that you are offering a bonus for their referrals. Give them a flyer on it. Make up your own or use the one we have listed below. Be sure that the bonus is sufficient to motivate your employees, put a time line on how long the referral must last before the bonus is paid and increase the bonus and put an expiration date on it if you are really ‘desperate’. Make sure you ask for what you want in your flyer to your employees.

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Employee Classified Ad and Employee Referral Bonus Form (English & Spanish)

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