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There are numerous reasons why your policies, procedures, processes, expectations and values must be communicated with and understood by your employees. A few of them are:

  • It is key for improving productivity
  • It builds loyalty and engagement
  • It helps employees become successful early in their careers
  • It is documentation as well as defense in case law

If data is only communicated, but not understood, you might have a huge crack in what you think is a solid foundation for a new cleaner, resulting in none of the above applying. It is your job to insure that your employees understand all that was communicated to them. For this reason it is mandatory to give a quiz that tests the new employee’s understanding of the information you presented to them during your orientation session. This process will reassure you, and if necessary an attorney or judge, that the employee totally understood your policies and procedures. And the most important thing, if they did pass your test, then they did understand and remember what they were told. That is, after all, the end goal here.


Go through your employee handbook and pick out items that are especially important to you and your company and put them in a test. Also test areas that appear to be a repetitive problems for you when dealing with other employees. A multiple choice test is the best. You have passed a lot of information past a new employee and helping them out with multiple choices is perfectly acceptable.


Administer the test immediately after the orientation has been completed. If the employee was paid to read your employee handbook at home then send the test home with the employee. It does not matter if it is an open book test, as long as the employee has heard and understood.

After scoring the test go over any incorrect answers with the employee. If they have 25% of your questions or more wrong it would be a good idea to go over that data with the employee and then have the employee retake the entire test again. Give a copy of the test to the employee and put the original in their file. I have won unemployment cases, plus our only class action law suit, because I completed this process with every single cleaner.

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