Cleaning Vocabulary List-English & Spanish

❝The limits of my language are the limits of my world.❞

Ludwig Wittgenstein

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❝One language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way.❞

Frank Smith


If you have employees who cannot speak any English it is imperative that your application, documents, employee handbook and training materials are all in the language of the employee who cannot speak English. You cannot expect them to look at the owner of your company as a person of influence when the owner did not even care enough about their success to invest the time and money to make sure they understood what was expected of them. How can they possibly have any hope of being successful and growing with your company if they cannot understand what you expect them to do.


Begin by making a list of 50 cleaning terms in both English and Spanish. Make it part of the condition of employment that they will learn and retain 5 English words a week or 1 a day. Simultaneously, you need to learn 5 Spanish words a week. A person who knows 2,000 words is considered bilingual. In 8 years you and your employees will be bilingual and grateful to one another for the world of opportunity you have both brought upon yourselves. Now your employees will look at you as a person of influence because you have taken the time to learn their language. Your English speaking only employees will also look at you with new found respect. I went back to college and took 16 credits of Spanish in 2 years the first year I hired a cleaner who could not speak any English. After college and producing C.O.R.E. training learning Spanish is the 3rd most important accomplishment in my life. I was not patient enough to wait 8 years to teach myself the language and I needed to communicate effectively with my employees before 8 years.


When a new none English speaking employee goes through orientation they should receive their first list of 50 words as part of orientation. Check their 5 words weekly. Go to the top of the list each week and check all of the words or they will forget the first 5. This list will last 10 weeks and you will go through 50 words their last week. The employee hands you their list and you highlight the 5 words they learned that week. When the 10th week comes the entire sheet should be lighted and you will give them a second sheet of 50 words and/or phrases that are commonly used with clients. The employee must not lose their sheet because all of your employees will be at different stages on the sheet, dependent upon when they started. If they lose their sheet, give them another sheet and have then learn 10 words that week. If you are not bilingual in their language, when you have finished checking their words have them check your list. You will help one another with pronunciation and that is one of the road blocks to learning a language. Everyone thinks they sound ‘stupid’ so they are afraid to try to speak another language. Once they can say 50 words with confidence the sky is the limit and they will be asking for more than 5 words a week.

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