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Someone must hear or see a name 17 times before they will feel confident enough in you to inquire about your company–This is cardinal rule #1 when planning your advertising.


BFollowing this rule can be expensive if you do not find ways to get your name out without spending a lot of money. Putting flyers on 6 doors surrounding each home that you clean, every time you clean it, is one smart and inexpensive way to do this. Never stop doing this for as long as you are cleaning the house. If you clean a home every other week it will take 2/3 of a year before you hit the ’17′ rule. Putting flyers on surrounding doors of current clients is wise:

  • Your name is already known in the area because your cars have been seen
  • Your employees are already in the area
  • Booking new clients in this area will be cost effective
  • The word will spread at community events, etc. that you are in the area because you have concentrated your efforts there


Make the flyers yourself on your PC. Change them every two weeks so that the recipients will continue to look at them. Change your offers. Change your message. Change the color of the paper you use to print them on. That is why you want to make and print them yourself. If they look the same every week and have the same ‘special offer’ it won’t look too special and they will stop reading them.

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