FAQ: Starting or Growing a Cleaning Service

I only have 3 employees? How will this video help me?

C.O.R.E. training DVDs are perfect for the smaller maid service! It will be MUCH easier to train your first few employees than to wait until you have 10 or more. As a matter of fact one of our most frequent comments from seasoned owners who are using C.O.R.E training is that they wish they would have started this process of cleaning when there were only 3 or 4 employees. It would have been so much simpler then.

I have Jeff Cambell’s video. How is this different?

C.O.R.E. training follows the same Top to Bottom, Left to Right, once or twice around in each room, no backtracking, etc process that Jeff’s video covers but we also include long dusting of the ceiling fans, corners, baseboards, etc in each room. We dedicate one full module to items that do not include cleaning such as how to enter a home, don’t steal anything, don’t turn on their equipment, don’t lose the key, etc, etc.

Jeff’s video was made for the individual home owner to clean their own home faster and more efficiently. C.O.R.E. is for the professional residential home cleaner.

Unlike Jeff’s video, C.O.R.E. does not specify product names. The DVD states that ‘your manager will show you the products you use at your company.’ Rags to Riches does not sell cleaning products; we want owners to be able to use the products that you have selected.

Do you provide help implementing the new training DVDs?

Yes. We offer an on-line seminar free of charge to all owners who buy the DVDs

Do we have to use your products? We are a green company. This is important to our marketing. Will that conflict with the DVDs?

C.O.R.E. does not specify product names. The DVD states that ‘your manager will show you the products you use at your company.’ Rags to Riches wants owners to be able to use the products that you have selected, green or otherwise. There is no conflict because you train your employees on process and technique with these DVDs, not specific products.

Can I modify your documents, especially your Employee Handbook?

Yes, our documents are all Microsoft products, most often in Word or Excel. Instructions on how to customize your name, logo and specific language changes are on the last page of each document or a separate set of instructions are attached to your purchase.

What format are the documents in?

Microsoft Word or Excel.

Is this a static list of documents? Do you add documents for sale?

We regularly add documents to our product list. If you subscribe to our newsletter, you will be notified of new document availability.

Can we make a special request for a document?

Absolutely, if we have not included a document that would help you, let us know.

Are the webinar sessions only held live?

No, the live sessions are recorded and you can purchase sessions and listen to them later. Directions on how to access them are on the registration page.

Do I need to be a “techie” to use this technology?

It is important that your webinar experience is easy and successful. A few clicks and a phone call and you are watching, listening and learning.

If I make a request for consulting, how soon can I talk with someone?

Once you complete the information form online, it will be shared with one of our consultants who has many years of ownership experience, who will make contact via phone or email within 36 hours.

What qualifies Rags to Riches to advise me as consultants?

Our consultants are experts in their field with decades of successful in-the-trenches experience for you to tap. They understand the residential cleaning industry inside and out and will share their secrets of business success with you. As previous service industry owners they have won numerous awards for achievements in quality delivery of services. We have the technological knowledge, as well as the practical experience, necessary to run the day to day operations of a $1 to 1.9M/ year revenue generating residential cleaning service. We have experience that no other training, consulting, human resource or operations support company can offer you in this industry. Our consulting efforts are fueled by a strong passion to ease the day to day operations of a residential cleaning service through education.

How do you structure the sessions?

If you are requesting a 20 Minute Consult, you will receive an email or phone call to schedule the session. You simply prepare your questions n advance of the session which provides the consultant time to research and prepare advice for the 20 minutes. The consultant will answer as many as possible in 20 minutes. These are usually quick questions that involve areas like pricing, marketing, training, recruiting, supplies, etc. This is not designed for long term planning or solutions that will take a period of time to gather sufficient information to make a solid recommendation. These are quick answer’ questions. You are simply at a stumbling block’ and we can help you turn those stumbling blocks into stepping stones in little time. If you are requesting long term consulting and someone to grow with your company then you would want a consultant by the hour or by the day in either your office or theirs. Hour long sessions are usually conducted on the phone. We have you create a list of your specific concerns regarding your company operations and email that list to us 24 hours in advance of your session so we have sufficient time to prepare for your specific needs. Action plans are developed and follow up dates established for future consultations.

What if I don’t know specifically what I need help on?

Our experts will collect data from you about the current state of your business and suggest several areas that can be impacted with their help and knowledge. You will discuss their merits and make your decisions. Your consultant will then guide you through the processes necessary to implement your decisions.

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