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In a residential cleaning service there is no one more important than our employees and that is why it is so important to get feedback from all of them. An anonymous employee survey will

  • Provide you a tool for direct engagement with your employees
  • Identify the root causes of employee satisfaction or dissatisfaction
  • Measure how committed your employees are to their work
  • Offer a venue for communications for employees who are normally too afraid to speak up
  • Uncover the real workplace attitude of your employees
  • Assess what really motivates your employees in terms of bonuses, contests, trips, etc.

There is no better way to read your employee’s minds than by using a confidential employee survey.


Put together an employee survey or purchase one that has already been designed for employees. If you purchase one already prepared be sure it is geared toward entry level employees and, preferably, toward the cleaning industry. The survey should include questions that pertain to communications, teamwork, quality work, customers, employee’s future, work/life balance, stress and the work place, fairness, respect for management, respect for employees, personal expression/diversity, mission and purpose, compensation, workplace and resources.


Administer the survey to all employees on the same day. It does not need to be the same time but employees should not have access to one another until all parties who will see each other have taken the survey. Be sure the survey is anonymous and that your employees will feel confident that their anonymity regarding their answers will be protected. The best way to be sure that you are receiving honest answers from your employees is to use a third party to collect the answers from your employees and compile the data to generate the reports. Employees will feel more comfortable and respond more openly and candidly when they know their responses are being handled by an outside organization. If you already know that trust is a problem in your organization, pay particularly close attention to this issue. Even if you do not think trust is a problem, don’t underestimate the value of ensuring that employees feel as comfortable as possible responding to the survey. The only way to get an accurate measure of your overall employee attitude is via anonymity. Compile the results and present the results to your employees as soon as possible after the survey has been administered. Finally, and most important, do something about the results and share with your employees your plans for improvement. Continue to share the impact of the results from the improvements you have developed from what you uncovered in the survey. That will make them even more honest, helpful and open in the next survey.

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