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Looking internally for a candidate to fill an open position has numerous advantages for both your company and your employees. First, it increases staff effectiveness. Workers will be more motivated to do their best if they feel you recognize talent and reward effort while providing ways for them to gain new skills and experience. Just as important, promoting internally increases retention. Your staff is more likely to remain on board if they see that you provide opportunities for career advancement. And with long-term employees, you will realize a greater return on the time and resources you’ve invested in their professional development. Filling jobs from within your organization fosters a deep sense of loyalty and stability among your cleaners. This, in turn, encourages your cleaners to take ownership of their work and feel integral to the team. All of this translates to enhanced morale and productivity.

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Internal promotions are also efficient. No sorting through stacks of resumes, taking tons of phone calls, doing numerous interviews and spending money on background checks and drug screenings. You read the posting forms, perform the interviews and judge your candidates based on your cleaner’s track record of accomplishments. No need to worry about the reliability of references. Internal hiring also shortens the adjustment period. An existing employee needs no time to adapt to your culture, practices and procedures which also eliminates the need for an overall orientation.


To set up a successful internal hiring program, you need to follow a few basic guidelines to ensure that all qualified employees understand the process and have an equal chance at available positions. The first step is to write up an internal job posting form, the same way you prepare an advertisement for the paper, Craig’s list, etc. Be sure to include all pertinent information: a brief description of the position along with the desired level of special skills, education and any other requirements. If candidates don’t necessarily need any special skills, be sure to note this in the job description. Finally, establish a procedure for notifying all current employees of any openings and a procedure for their applying for any open positions. Depending upon your size, you can simply tell every employee about the opening, put a posting form with every employee’s pay check or announce this exciting opportunity at a full staff meeting. The important thing is to set up a process that works for your company and gives all employees the same access to the application process.


It is extremely important that you interview all employees who posted for the position who have the required qualifications listed on your posting form. Just the excitement and experience of going through the interview process will encourage many of your employees to stay with your company. 67% of your employees leave because of dissatisfaction with potential career development or they were ready for a new experience. Posting forms are a home run for both of these two categories. Set up formal interviews for each applicant. Let the excitement grow, for both you and your employees. Approach each interview without preconceived notions about the applicant. I have been surprised more than once with the latent talent within my organization that I only recognized after an interview with one of my internal applicants.

Like the traveler who covered the globe searching for true happiness only to find it in his own backyard, looking inside your organization for the talent you need is sometimes the best recruitment strategy.

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