Leadership versus Management


Management and Leadership require use of different sides of the brain and different venues to facilitate their use effectively. If you are doing all of your managing and leading in the supplies room and never have full staff meetings or weekly one-on-ones you will suffer more than just turnover. You will also struggle with solving recurring problems with cleaners from attendance through to quality even attitude with peers, clients and you. This webinar explains the difference between management and leadership and when and how to do both.

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Whenever you are in a situation where are two or more of your employees in your presence, and you are not behind a closed door, you are in a Leadership role. Nothing negative should ever be said by you to anyone when you are in a Leadership role. Leaders are always positive. Determine what venues you can use to give negative feedback to your employees without doing it while you are in a Leadership role. Set up weekly ‘one on one’ meetings with your solos or teams. Establish regular dates and times for one monthly full staff developmental meeting a month and one full developmental Supervisor/Team Leader meeting per month.


One on ones should be held with the full team if your company works on a team concept. Otherwise they will be held with each solo. They should begin by covering all of the wonderful things that happened that week on their team and then the areas for opportunity to improve should be covered. Updating them with company numbers, employee changes and current advertising helps to keep your employees engaged in your company. The final area you will want to cover is all about your employees. You will utilize this time and venue to discuss their concerns, goals and action items to attain their goals, both personal and career. Developmental meeting should discuss areas that nothing to do with actual cleaning. Some great areas for meeting topics are: How to Deal with Rude and Pushy People, How to Develop Habits That Will Bring You a Life of Success, How to Build Winning Teams for Supervisors/Team Leaders, etc. These meetings should be followed up with action items established in the weekly one on ones.

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