Holiday Marketing Bundle

This bundle includes helpful items to make this the best 4th quarter you have ever had!!

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Included are word document flyers easy to run off yourself and change as the theme of the year changes from ‘Back to School’ to Christmas Gift Certificates to Thanksgiving, Hanukah, Christmas and New Year help.  Use them for your ‘6 arounds’.

Press releases for Cancer Awareness month if you are a Cleaning For A Reason partner.  If you are not I suggest you join today.  A template to track your media contacts.

An online  seminar on how and when to reschedule  clients for Thanksgiving and Christmas and how to promote your services during the holidays.

The poem ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas’ rewritten for both your internal and external clients that can be used to accompany a small gift or small basket of homemade cookies as a small sign of appreciation.

Your fastest way to get repeat clients at this time of the year is by calling your previous one time clients, those who called you but you did not sell and those who cancelled your service.  Outbound scripts are included for all 3.

Three DVDs will also be mailed to you that are yours for life.  How to Control Your Time (so that you have the time to implement all of the items above), Putting Hope Where Others Think There Is None (so you keep your internal clients during this busy season so you can handle all of the sales volume from implementing the above) and How I Became A $2M Business to help you plan for next year.

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