Noncompetition and Nonsolicitation Provisions-English and Spanish


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Unfortunately, we sometimes hire people who do not think ethically. They may not even realize that something is unethical. Consequently, we could end up with an employee or two who ‘steals’ our clients. They steal them for a variety of reasons; the client suggests the idea, the cleaner sees all those ‘big’ checks they are bringing to you and thinks they should be making a lot more money, the cleaner wants to start their own cleaning service, etc. It does not really matter. The outcome is the same. You lose revenue and, usually, a good cleaner. Your client loses a good cleaning company and gains a person who cannot be trusted and they ‘smelled’ that when they knew they were doing something wrong hiring them away from you. This usually ends up to be a lose/lose/lose situation for all 3 involved.


Covering this subject the first day an employee works for you will have a positive impact. Have them sign a non-compete contract and make it very clear to them that if they ‘steal’ a client you will pursue them with an attorney in a court of law for lost revenue and damages. It is very difficult to win these cases but it can be done. The most important thing is that you have intimidated 80% of your employees enough that they won’t even consider the possibility of ‘stealing’ one of your clients.


Create a non-compete contract, or purchase ours, that every one of your employees sign whether they clean homes or not. Have new employees sign the contract before they ever see one of your customer’s names. If you have bilinguals working for you be sure it is available in their language as well.

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