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In this business, accurate pricing and quoting is remarkably important because it can make the difference between losing money, breaking even and making a profit. For this reason many residential cleaning service owners do not bid on the phone. I believe that learning how to do this effectively sets apart the top 2% of companies in terms of growth and size. In order to do this effectively you need to use a pricing model that works. There are many ways to price a home. I believe the easiest, most competitive and most accurate bidding criteria for cleaning a repeat home are square footage of the home and frequency of visits. If it is a move out or in you will need to ask a set of questions regarding the detail of deep cleaning that is required by the prospect along with the square footage of the home.


Determine what you would like to make per hour per cleaner at your company. (Never quote this price to a client. It is for your pricing formula only and, therefore, for your eyes only.)

Determine how long it takes to clean a home. Industry standards for residential cleaning are set at 800 square feet per hour per cleaner for a repeat home. The larger the home the faster the square footage per hour and that better efficiency normally comes at around 3,200 square feet.

For a one time or move in/out clean the industry standard is 650-700 square feet per hour. There are variables that need to be added to this type of clean that reflect additional costs for deep cleaning tasks requested.


Make an excel spread sheet with square footage blocks (i.e. 1,001-1,400 sq ft) and the time it takes to clean each block, based upon industry standards or actual times that you have collected. Then multiply that time by the price you want to make per hour and that will be your repeat cost.

Do the same thing for one times and move in/out cleans. Do not include any heavy tasks.

Then make a matrix for the heavy tasks and the time it will take to perform them based upon square footage blocks. Things like a refrig on the inside or an oven would be the same regardless of square footage. You will add the cost of the deep clean tasks requested by the client to the one time price and that is the total cost.



This product is designed to make pricing easy for you, your office staff and your prospect. It has proven to be accurate and is used by many residential cleaning companies in the world.

This calculator not only gives you pricing for the client but it also sets time expectations for your cleaners.

You just put in how much money you want to make per hour and how many cleaners you have on a team from 1 to 9. The Pricing and Labor calculator does the rest.

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