Principles of Leadership


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Leadership is a process whereby an individual influences a group of individuals to achieve a common goal. In order to be a leader you have to have followers. In order to have followers you need to be worthy of following. In order to be worthy of following you must possess certain principles; among them are confirmation, humility, knowledge of followers, courage, gentleness, generosity, truthfulness and gaining of power by helping others.


Review each of the 8 above principles and think of situations you have handled in the past that would require one of the above principles. How have you handled those situations? When you are short on staff and a cleaner calls out who is within their allowed absences do you react with gentleness and thank them for calling or do you start by begging them to come to work and end with trying to intimidate them into coming to work? When you are short staffed and a cleaner who went over their allowed absences the day before calls in begging for their job back, do you have the courage to terminate this person or do you ‘swallow’ your principles for greed and take the employee back? Think of your actions in previous situations and ask yourself if your actions make you a person worthy of followers.


Make a list of all 8 principles listed above and then write an action item next to each principle that will support that principle i.e., have a contest and send the winner to a cleaning seminar (generosity) go with them or send them alone. Make it a 2 days trip and pay for their flight and room. Are you willing to be that generous? Do you think that employee will turn into a follower? Start weekly one on ones with each team and talk about your company as well as their own individual personal and career goals. Are you willing to be that generous with your time? If you are talking about their success do you think they will follow you?

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