Prospect Response Emails 1 & 2 for internet and Service Magic, etc Inquiries

He that rises late must trot all day.

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Benjamin Franklin

Everybody, soon or late, sits down to a banquet of consequences.


Today’s society is an immediate gratification society. When individuals make decisions they want to follow through on those decisions immediately. Especially the busy population that we serve. When a prospect calls on the phone they expect that phone to be answered by the second ring. If they email you they expect a 30 second response because that is the way the world is today. If you do not answer your phone the first time a prospect calls statistics show your chances of making that sale are reduced by 40%. Immediate follow up of both phone and internet quote inquiries is mandatory. This is the first contact the prospect has with you so it must also be remarkably professional, succinct and accurate.


A standard email response drafted for immediate response to any inquiries on the internet will help to make your responses timely. You should also have a follow up letter that you will email to the prospect if you have not heard back from them in 3 days.


Compose a letter for the prospect asking for their phone number so you can give them a personalized quote by asking them some additional questions, but also include a list of the services you provide and a couple of details about your company that is different from others they may have talked to. Remember, you are competing with, and possibly chasing, your competitors depending upon how long it took for you to respond, so professionalism is of upmost importance. If you do not hear from them compose another email telling them you know they are busy people or they would not need your service and you just want to make it as easy as possible to remove housecleaning from their list of things to do. Add something new to this email, perhaps proof of insurance, testimonials with contact info for referrals or award your company has won—or all 3.


Prospect Response Emails 1 & 2 for internet and Service Magic, etc Inquiries

This package includes 2 different responses to a prospect inquiry. One is for the first time contact and the second one is to be sent if you have not heard from the prospect in 3 days from their initial contact with you.

The first letter encourages the client to call you with more specifics so you can give them a more accurate quote. If you do not receive a call or email response within 6 hours you will send the second letter asking details about their cleaning requirements so you are able to email them a quote.

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