Putting Hope Where Others Think There Is None DVD

“The miserable have no other medicine but only hope.”

William Shakespeare


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Most of our employees come to us feeling they have hit rock bottom and cleaning houses is their last resort. At this point in their lives they will follow any Leader who offers them hope. Hope is a universal concept that everyone craves, pursues and understands. It might even be necessary for survival. Hope is your key ingredient for success as a Leader. People who are connected with what they want to be in the future, and are hopeful that they can reach their goals with your help, are more engaged in what they are doing on a daily basis


When going through your recruiting and interviewing process do it with the excellence of a person of influence to the new recruit so that they feel you are the person and company who can fulfill their hopes and dreams. Watch their reactions, body language and facial expressions each time you are face to face with them. Be aware of their synergy and be sure that they are still hopeful that this job is their ‘dream’ job that will take them where they want to go. When you see their hope, or your hope, disappearing discuss it with the employee. Without hope, you have nothing. Find a way to put it back.


It is necessary that you answer the phone by the second ring when the applicant calls inquiring about the job and to set up an interview. When the applicant arrives for the interview have the application and a pen on a clean desk or table for the applicant to use as they fill out the application. Conduct a prepared interview with prepared and specific questions for the applicant. The interview needs to be very upbeat and the applicant should leave really wanting the job. If hired, the orientation and training the first day must be prepared, organized and professional. Talk with the new hire at the end of the day and check to be sure that it is still their dream job. Continue to monitor their ‘mental state of hope’ each week at your one-on-ones and begin to find out what their long term hopes and goals are and help them to achieve those goals. Discuss them every week and help them to prepare and action item list to attain their goals. If you see their hope start to diminish immediately find out why and what you can do to replenish it.

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