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Leaving some type of a quality control check sheet each time you clean a customer’s home will accomplish three key factors:

  1. It will insure that your cleaners are really checking the home before they leave
  2. It will insure the client that the home has been cleaned thoroughly
  3. It gives you an opportunity to sell more services


Put together a quality control sheet that requires your cleaners to check certain things in a home. Make sure you send a sheet for every job that your cleaner(s) are cleaning each day. If your budget allows it, have two sheet carbon copy sheets of the quality control sheet. The cleaners will bring the carbon copy back to your office which will allow you to check that each home has, indeed, been quality checked by a cleaner plus the added bonus of using this form to call clients to book extra work based on the feedback from your cleaner(s).


Our quality control sheet was used by both the Cleaner/Team Leader and our Field Managers/Owner. It was quit detailed but those areas highlighted did not need to be quality checked by the cleaner(s) for the sake of time. The field manager or owner checked all areas listed on the sheet. Some time savers are checking, in detail, only one bedroom or bath and assuming if they did it right in one room it is right everywhere.If things are left undone in a room you can then require a Team Leader to check everything in that room on the list. You also want to put an area that lists suggested services to the client. List any added services that your company offers with a place for the cleaner/Team Leader to check if they feel this client needs that service.

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Quality Control Checklist

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