Seminar Recording: Professional Coaching For Reducing Employee Turnover


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Turnover in cleaners is extremely expensive, time consuming and stressful. Recruiting, interviewing, selecting, background checking, training, increased work load on current employees (which can result in more turnover), reduced productivity due to low employee morale and customer churn because of cleaner churn can cost you as much as 1/3 of an employees annual salary.

High employee turnover is preventable. Businesses that make the reduction of employee turnover a priority can, and do, effectively curtail it. There are really only three reasons why employees leave their jobs:

  • 33 percent seek better compensation and benefits
  • 35 percent cited dissatisfaction with potential career development
  • 32 percent said they were ready for a new experience

The fabulous news is that you can have a positive impact on 67% of the reasons why you have employees leave your company. We do not have a profit margin that allows us to compete with the first reason but we have plenty of money and ability to impact the last two. Finding and keeping good employees is another circle of excellence requiring TQM-Total Quality Management.


When going through the selection process have a clear idea of who you are looking for and be sure to verify all references. Never hire on the spot and never over hire. Value a positive attitude above skills because skills can be taught but a positive and conscientious attitude is very difficult to teach. It needs to come installed. Be sure to orientate, train and present the new employee with a thorough employee handbook and written job description. Develop an ongoing training program that will fulfill the developmental and new experience desires of your employees.


Allow for spending sufficient time with the new employee to get them past the safety step that every new employee goes through. Be sure to present a thorough orientation and training program. Give them everything they need to do their job as they go through the trust step. Plan ongoing training sessions that will keep your employees engaged after they have survived the safety and trust steps. These ongoing training sessions will satisfy the employee’s needs for career development and new experiences. Training sessions on a variety of topics like developing new habits, setting daily and long term goals, dealing with difficult customers, effective communications, thinking win-win, etc. are topics that the majority of your employees have never studied before. They do not need to be promoted or do something different to feel like they are growing. You can develop them and give them new learning experiences simply by imparting new knowledge upon them.

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Seminar Recording: Reducing Turnover

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