Request for Time Off-English & Spanish


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Our cleaning employees are generally intelligent, resourceful, agreeable people who really want to do the right thing. They are also generally intimidated, uneducated in good business practices and a bit “me” focused. Successful cleaning company owners need to respond proactively to all of the above factors when managing their cleaners.


Have a form available for your employees for any area that needs to be managed in your company. Employee absenteeism management is one of the most challenging in this industry. Any advance notice of need for time off helps so much with scheduling both clients and staff. Make the reporting of a requested day off as easy as possible for the employee and make it documented so nothing is misunderstood.


Have blank requests for time off forms in the same location you are keeping your cash advance forms. They should be in English and Spanish and cover dates the employee wants off, full or half day, etc. Make your own or purchase ours below. Be sure to put the forms someplace with easy access for the employee. Do not make them ask you for one because that is the same as asking for time off. If they do not need to confront anyone for anything they are more likely to give you notice. They will go to the drawer, fill out the form and put it in your in box when you’re not in your office. That’s OK. You have notice to fix the problem.

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Request for Time Off-English & Spanish

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