At Rags to Riches our consultants work to bring real service and savings improvements to your company. Using our in-depth knowledge and expertise in the residential cleaning service we help you improve service levels, save money, achieve superior market share, meet the business needs of a rapidly changing economy and become a better organized, coherent and flexible organization.

Rags to Riches offers the 20 Minute Consultant

THE 20 MINUTE CONSULTANT was designed to help fulfill our mission of promoting rapid growth and easier management in small businesses through education. Our vision is to bring affordable education to all residential cleaning service owners regardless of their size. We realize that many small businesses have questions that are huge stumbling blocks to them, but are simple in scope for a seasoned veteran. In less than 20 minutes a veteran can usually turn a stumbling block into a stepping stone. The 20 Minute Consultant is easy to use. You simply order 1 or more sessions of 20 minutes of consulting on our shopping cart and a consultant will return your call within 8 business hours to hold your session and answer your questions. The better prepared you are the more you get for your 20 minutes. Together, you and your consultant will investigate your specific problems and put in place a number of support products to aid you in your day to day operations. Our consulting services are customized to meet the individual concerns and needs of your company and employees.

As previous service industry owners our consultants have won numerous awards for their achievements in quality delivery of services. We have the technological knowledge, as well as the practical experience, necessary to run the day to day operations of a $1+M/year residential cleaning service. We have experience that no other consulting company can offer you in this industry. Our efforts are fueled by a strong passion to ease the day to day operations of a residential cleaning service through a partnership grounded on education.


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