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If you are still cleaning homes then you are probably still in Stage 1 of your cleaning business. A key factor in your reaching Stage 2 is to stop cleaning homes. There are over 200 individual items that need to start happening the day you decide to convert from a house cleaner to a business owner. There is a huge difference and your learning curve will depend upon how much office and/or business experience you bring with you into this venture. One thing is for sure, you do not have the time and/or energy to do both good. If you try to you will probably fail at both. You must pick one vision. You must either stop cleaning houses today and start managing and leading the business or you need to set your sites on becoming the fastest cleaner in America, able to clean more homes per day with perfection than any other cleaner. They are both great visions but you cannot duo vision. You’ll be struggling with yourself.


We will assume that you have chosen the vision of running a cleaning business or you probably wouldn’t be reading this.

There are two things you must do:

1. Stop standing in your own way. If you are having problems finding people who ‘clean as good as you do’ you might want to take a look at the trainer, instead of the trainee. There are many good cleaners that clean as good as you do, better, and it is your job to find and develop them. Maybe you aren’t looking for them because you really do not want anyone who can clean better than you can. Especially not now, with all of the challenges you are facing each day with payroll, taxes, advertising, selling, listening to complaints, etc—the one thing you know, and know better than anyone else is how to clean a house. Be careful that your ego is not standing in the way of your phenomenal possibilities.

2. Decide how big you want to be and how fast you want to grow. How fast you can grow depends upon how much time you are willing to work each week, how focused and organized you are and how much capital you are bringing to the table.


Set goals and put the goals into an action item list. Put realistic and attainable dates on each action item and make that date no matter what happens. Eventually, within 6 months if you work at least 50 hours per week, you will have attained all of those goals and will be on track to reach Stage 2 (including Stage 2 revenue figures) within a year. Do not be overwhelmed, instead be methodic. There is a reasonable approach and numerous guidelines available to support you in this effort or buy a book or search the web and learn how to set goals and action items to support those goals.

When first setting your priorities it is difficult to determine what comes first, the goose (cleaners) or the golden egg (clients)? I would say the golden egg. Eventually you will need geese to help you lay those golden eggs. After all, you are only capable of laying so many eggs a day. When that happens do not forget to take good care of the geese. If you do not you will be back to laying the golden eggs.

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