Seminar Recording: Finding, Interviewing and Hiring the Best Cleaners


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It cannot be said enough that the most important aspect of your company is your cleaner. If you can find, hire and train a steady stream of cleaners that stay with your company you can grow as fast as you want to!! To make this happen you must be perceived as a Person of Influence from the first time a recruit views your advertisement for employment until they leave your company on their final day of retirement.


Utilize numerous sources to generate recruits, not just Craig’s list or a newspaper. Some of your best cleaners will come from sources that you reached out to outside of the normal sources. Just like clients who stay longer when they came through some type of referral source, versus ads, your employees will last longer when they came to you from some source outside of ads.

The employees first contact with your company must be first class, which requires human contact. Talking with your applicants on the phone, versus having them email a resume, personalizes the relationship and reflects that you are a Person of Influence who cares enough about the people who work for your company that you will take the time out of your busy day to talk to anyone who is interested in talking with you about employment. Last, and certainly not least, is the professional interview that leaves the applicant praying for this job. This is accomplished by preparing a set of questions in advance that are used for all interviews and which leave a final result of the applicant talking for 80% of the interview and the interviewee speaking for 20% of the interview.


Call churches, put a sign in your company car window, recruit good employees when you see them in retail stores and never stop looking for good employees, just like you never stop thinking of ways to recruit new clients. If you are the owner and still cleaning homes you will need to take your applicant call log with you wherever you go so that you can talk to potential employees and take notes. Answering your phone at all times is absolutely necessary if you are trying to get your company to grow. It is the only way you can be successful with both internal and external recruiting. Ask every interview question every time you interview a new applicant. Do not pre-judge and only ask certain questions to save time. This applicant knows other potential employees and you want them to leave with the ‘I hope I get this job’ feeling. Excellence is not an act but a habit—on the owners part as well. The webinar Finding, Interviewing and Hiring the Best Cleaners does have an actual live demonstration of a cleaner being interviewed.

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