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Timely scheduling is the key to maximizing holiday profits. You cannot schedule new clients if you do not know where your openings are. Every holiday offers more opportunity for growth than any other time of the year. But the best holidays for our industry are Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. From the time the kidos go back to school until January 2 there is no better opportunity to maximize growth in your company. This growth will enter into the new year with you. Be sure to turn one times into repeats. Advertising is simple, down home and free to very inexpensive. There are many opportunities to get your name out there during the Hanukah and Christmas Holidays. It is key that you take advantage of this narrow window of opportunity each year. These holidays are fun days so have fun with them. They are also days to be grateful and we would encourage you to find the time to also be grateful and gracious during this special time of the year.


Look at the next holiday that is nationally scheduled and determine if you are going to clean homes that day. If you are you should call all of your clients 4 weeks before the holiday and confirm that they will want to be cleaned that day so that you do not have no shows and turn aways. If you are going to be closed 6 weeks before the holiday move all of your clients to a different day closest to the holiday where you have an opening.Call them 4 weeks out to confirm the new date.

Decide if you are going to give something to your clients. If you are be sure to start giving it away December 1st so that it can start working for you. Look into philanthropic organizations as well as hospitals and large companies, where ever you would like to develop a relationship and make a list of those places.


Make a list of all of the clients you need to call and highlight their names only after you have talked to the client. Call each client the first thing in the morning, again at lunch and then the last thing in the working day. Be sure to leave a message saying exactly what you want and a number where they can call back and just say OK or not OK.Email is a great and expeditious way to handle holiday rescheduling. Be sure to be specific in your communications i.e. day, date, time and the fact that a confirm message must be received from the client to save the new date.

If you give a gift to your clients you should start giving it December 1st. Your gesture will cause many of your clients to leave a holiday tip for their cleaner/team. There is no one more important to you than your cleaners. The more tips they get the better it is for you. You might also consider including a home made card on red or green paper.We used a poem once. They loved it. You can have a child draw a Christmas tree or holiday scene. It is a rustic time of the year. On the back put something about your gift certificates and what a great gift idea they are and then list all of the perfect gift ideas there are to give a free cleaning like several families going together and giving a free cleaning to the Sunday school teacher. You need to give your clients the ideas.

Contact the places you have on your relationship building list to see if they are having a Christmas party. If they are a philanthropic organization see if they are going to have a live or silent auction and offer to give a free cleaning for them to auction off. Call for profit companies that you want to ‘break into’ and see if they are having an employee Christmas party with door prizes. Offer to give a free cleaning as a door prize.

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Seminar Recording: Maximizing Holiday Profits & Scheduling

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LENGTH: 1 HOUR. You will receive an email with a link to the recording and be prompted to register. If you have been in this business for a year or more you are very aware that there are certain critical times in this business when there are abundant opportunities to capitalize on volume and profits. Any holiday is one of those times. Learn how to maximize your scheduling efforts to decrease last minute skips and uncover all possible openings. Then, learn how to fill those openings with sales driven by the holidays. Do not miss this window of opportunity. Buy it now!

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