Spring Cleaning Redefined article for newspaper

Why pay $1500 for a Slick Brochure that might reach 10K people when an article placed in your local newspapers and magazines will reach 30K+ people?

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When you remember that cleaning services operate on a 10% margin, building a residential cleaning service through paid advertising alone is close to impossible. Using zero cost advertising venues to their maximum benefit will allow you to leave paid advertising alone. The use of media is the most effective way to hit the ’17 rule’ without spending thousands of dollars.


Submitting press releases on newsworthy items or writing articles on anything to do with cleaning, organic supplies, organizing the home or anything to do with the cleaning industry and submitting them to your local newspapers and magazines is a way to put your name in front of the public at zero cost.


Write an article on spring cleaning tips, organizing, suggested supplies or anything. Just do it. Compile a list of your local media contacts and their email addresses and submit the article for publication. This is for newspapers and magazines. It will take a different approach to get spring cleaning covered with TV and radio. Do not hesitate to take advantage of the ‘spring’ window. It is a short window. Other times of the year will work, however. Write an article or use ours.

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Spring Cleaning Redefined article for newspaper

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