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Unlimited Online Access Monthly Plan for C.O.R.E. Training Videos in English & Spanish view samples here       

  • Module 1-Before You Pick Up a Cleaning Cloth
  • Module 2-How to Clean a Kitchen
  • Module 3-How to Clean a Bathroom
  • Module 4-How to Long and Short Dust
  • Module 5-Beds, Floors & Wrap UP!

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You will need a waterproof cleaning apron to follow the C.O.R.E. Training process on this video. https://successmaideasy.com/waterproof-cleaning-tool-belts-alias-aprons/

5 Reasons why House Cleaning Training Videos are a MUST HAVE today:

  • First reason to use a video, especially in our current contagious virus environment, is that it is so Accessible-Your new trainee can watch it from anywhere there is a laptop or PC. Even if you do your own classroom training in-house, why not have a new hire-to this industry-watch the video before they even come into your office for their first day of training? Watching a video will automatically bring your new hire into your office with some idea of how a home is cleaned professionally.  They will have some idea of what to expect which will automatically make it easier for them to relate to what you are training in-house. Everyone learns at a different rate and if you feel this person could benefit by watching the video again they can do it at a social distance.  They can also watch it at their own pace repeating a portion until they understand it.
  • Second-Better Engagement “Why read the book when you can watch the movie?”  People just enjoy videos more than learning through reading. If you want your employees to engage with your training, you need to make it interesting and fun.  As fun as housecleaning can be. Videos are much more likely to keep your new trainee engaged than basic text documents or even a trainer lecturing live.
  • Third-You should be using a house cleaning video as part of your training process increases Retention-When you spend time and money to train someone you would prefer they remember what they learned. People tend to remember only 20% of what they read, compared to 80% of what they see and do.
  • Fourth-Everyone Gets the Same Experience, the exact same training. If you have one trainee trained by a trainer or working trainer, in particular, and another trainee trained by a different trainer, those 2 trainees will not have the same learning experience.  Anyone who knows me knows my key focus is a repeat client base which I believe is driven by consistency.  One of the best ways to ensure that your clients receive the same experience every time their home is cleaned is to create a video that covers all of the appropriate cleaning procedures utilized to clean a home that every cleaner follows in your company, especially your trainers. 
  • Fifth-And perhaps most important Impressive On-boarding-Companies that have a well-executed on-boarding process have a higher job satisfaction rating, greater organizational commitment, and an average employee retention rate of 86%. It just goes to show how a great first impression can really make a difference!
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