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There are numerous advantages to having company vehicles. They aid in recruiting efforts, they advertise your name, they add dependability and credibility to your service and really help to decrease turnover. Company Vehicles are a huge investment so proactive and on time maintenance is mandatory to deter repair costs and accidents. For small and non-franchised business owners it is best to buy used vehicles, all the same make and model. Try and pay cash for them so you do not need to buy collision insurance. That will buy you a vehicle every other year. Buying used vehicles, however, makes it even more mandatory to stay on top of their maintenance. A vehicle maintenance report should be maintained on each of your company vehicles and updated weekly.


Make a grid of the items you will need to keep track of for each vehicle. It is best to try and fit all of the data on one sheet per car. We did use legal size paper. Some of the items you will want to track are:

  • Vehicle license plate number
  • License due date
  • Inspection due date (dependent upon state)
  • Automatic or standard (we had 22 cars so we needed to track that)
  • Mileage with date taken
  • Last date and mileage tires rotated
  • Last date and mileage front end aligned
  • Many more

There are many more details that you will want to track on your vehicles. If you maintain your vehicles you can easily get 250-300K miles out of each one. If they are all the same make and model you and can pull parts from the dead cars and use them on your current fleet. Things like door handles are very costly. Don’t just give yours away. When that unfortunate day comes that you have a totaled car buy it back from the insurance company. You can usually get it for $500 and you might have a good engine in the car that is worth a lot more than $500. It is important to find a mechanic who will work with you on this.


Create a spreadsheet that tracks all of the data you need to track. Also, add any mileage data that you need on your Vehicle Maintenance Form to the Team Leaders Daily Tracking Form. Utilize your drivers to bring you mileage, vehicle condition, etc. You will need to transfer the data from one sheet to another. The last step is to be sure to make arrangements to perform the maintenance on the vehicle when a schedule due date appears. You are setting the benchmark for how you want your employees to take care of your vehicles.



For the owner who provides company cars, this form tracks a vehicles current status, wear on tires, fluid checks and more

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