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There Key to your success as a business owner is knowing your numbers every single day of the working week.

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Key to the success of your company is sharing those numbers with your cleaners every time they walk in your office. So many companies complain that they cannot get their cleaners engaged but they never share their numbers with their cleaners. How can your staff judge how they are doing if they do not know? This is where it all starts. With your first repeat sale and a chart that says 1 for everyone to see. Your chart also needs to have a column for goal and whether you are ahead or behind your goal. Everyone involved in moving your company forward should know how they are doing every single day.


Make a wall chart that will last for a month. It should include columns for weekly, eow, 3 weeks, monthly sales; cancels; goals and balances for the day. The chart must be updated daily to be effective. Put it on a wall where you and every cleaner enters and the wall chart will be the first thing anyone sees.


Use a large erasable board with thin tape to make the squares. The back side of wallpaper also works great and will last you a year but you have to keep drawing the lines for the squares. It would be the same thing with poster board. If you cannot afford an erasable board then use anything, but make a wall chart. If you do not make a wall chart you may never be able to afford an erasable board. You’ve got to start somewhere.

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