Waterproof and tilex resistant Cleaning Tool Belts (alias aprons)

No shipping of aprons until first week of 2022.

New to the industry-Polyester Ripstop Fabric-Waterproof  and Tilex resistant APRONS

OWNERS, AND EVEN CLEANERS, LOVE THESE APRONS Click pictures to learn more about aprons & companies

  Grey-Fully waterproof 6 pockets-4 billowed 2 flat-2 loops

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RED NEW COLOR-Fully waterproof 6 pockets-4 billowed 2 flat-2 loops

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  Black-backordered-Shipping date 2/16/21  Fully waterproof 6 pockets-4 billowed 2 flat-2 loops   

  Khaki-Fully waterproof 6 pockets-4 billowed 2 flat-2 loops     

  Navy Blue-Delivery within 21 days-Fully waterproof 6 pockets-4 billowed 2 flat-2 loops     

  Kelly Green-Fully waterproof 6 pockets-4 billowed 2 flat-2 loops   

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Royal Blue-Fully waterproof 6 pockets-4 billowed 2 flat-2 loops   

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  Hunter Green-Fully waterproof 6 pockets-4 billowed 2 flat-2 loops   

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  • 6 pockets
  • 4 billowed pockets for damp,  dry and window cleaning towels plus one for whisk broom and other larger tools carried in the cleaning apron
  • 2 flat pockets below top billowed pockets add extra protection and ease of access for cell phone and  small tools like small tile brush and scraper
  • 2 sturdy loops with front access for ease of use
  • Aprons are durable and made to last
  • Extra pockets perfect for color coded towels and dwell cleaning     Only apron of it’s type in the industry–Bleach resistant, waterproof, 6 pockets but light weight
Will ship within 1-10 working days priority USPS-Any shipping costs incurred to ordering errors will be the customer’s expense.  There is a $3.50 processing fee for cancelled orders.
ORDERS OF 50 OR MORE 20 COLOR CHOICES AVAILABLE  Call 512-964-9750 or email sltinberg@yahoo.com

“We just love our new aprons! Everything about it is amazing!
The size and length is perfect.
The fabric is light, it keeps us dry, it is beautiful and of excellent quality.
We love that the loops are positioned in the front. They keep the bottles from falling out when we bend or crouch down.
Having all of those pockets is a plus. It allow us to keep our phones, keys, tools and cleaning towels separately.
Thank you for putting so much thought and research into it. You have created the best apron on the market. Lucimar Pizante Spotless Cleaning
The new aprons are awesome.” wrote Michael Dec owner of Brilliant Results Cleaning in Valparaiso, Indiana.  “What is even better is the cleaners LOVE them too! They feel the 6 pockets are a big help and the aprons keep

Do you need a video training tape showing your cleaners how to effectively use a cleaning apron? We have an affordable answer for you.   CLICK HERE

 Quentin and Elyse with Dazey House Cleaning, LLC love their cleaning tools belts. Click on them to see more about Dazey

Quentin and Elyse with Dazey House Cleaning, LLC love their cleaning tools belts. Click on them to see more about Dazey

CLICK ON PICTURE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT PCT CLEAN-another $M+ company using Rags to Riches Cleaning Tool Belts

6 of 31 cleaners at PCT

“Look how professional our staff looks. We at pct Clean are so proud to utilize the Cleaning Tool Belt aka apron from Rags to Riches.   

The teams love the fact that their pants won’t get wet since the backing has a water proof lining. Sasha, pct’s Field Supervisor, says “it’s great that the teams always have everything they need right at their finger tips.”

We strongly recommend you try these aprons, you’ll love them”

RJ Patel, pct Clean

Asha and RJ Patel PCT Clean  

Laura Smith has developed a million dollars plus company using Rags to Riches Cleaning Tool Belts-CLICK on her cleaner below to learn more about Laura’s extremely successful business.

Laura Smith developed a Million dollar PLUS company using Rags to Riches cleaning tool belts

“We absolutely LOVE the aprons we get from Sharon! The material is much higher quality than anywhere else we’ve purchased from. They don’t look dirty as quickly and they don’t lose their shape when you watch them. And my team truly appreciates the waterproof pockets – no one likes a wet lap! The biggest issue we’ve had with them is the cleaners like to steal them when they quit – they love them so much they want them to clean their own house with! Great time saver and quality product. Thanks Sharon!”  Laura Smith Owner All Star Maids, Fort Collins, Co

Cleaners are hard to find and harder to keep.  You are also selling time in this business. Whatever you can do to keep cleaners and increase efficiency without costing you tons of money or sacrificing quality must be done.  Cleaning tool belts are a key contributor to easier cleaning with increased efficiency.  Adding aprons as a tool in your company also increases the level of quality.  Cleaning a home without a tool belt is like running a company without a computer. It can be done, but why would you?


“The Cleaning Tool Belt from Rags to Riches/Success Maid Easy is by far the best cleaning tool belt we have used in the last 18 years in business.  All the other cleaning aprons out there are just that, aprons.  The others are made of cloth so that when a cleaner puts a wet sponge or something damp into the apron, not only does the apron get wet but so does the employee.  The Cleaning Belt has a backing to it that resists the water so it keeps the employee from getting wet.  We also like the big pockets so that we can put all the cloths and bottles we need into them preventing us from having to go back and forth for more products.  We wouldn’t use anything else.”   

Suzanne Hayzlett, SET Cleaning Svcs Powhatan, VA  suzanne@setcleaning.com

(Suzanne is a $1.5+M member of the SAC consortium)

“Just wanted to say how much we LOVE the Aprons we received from Sharon with the new cell phone pocket. 

We love the backing on it for water proofing and the sturdiness of it.  I also like the loops being a bit further back as it keep the bottles out of our way .  The buckle is in a new location I think – we haven’t used the buckles in a while as we’ve been using  the ties but it’s super easy to buckle, unbuckle and adjust. We couldn’t do our job without our aprons!  Have always ordered them from Sharon and will continue to do so!! “

Amy DeVries, Owner Emily’s Cleaning LLC & Better Life Cleaning Products

www.emilyscleaningservice.com  amy@emilyscleaningservice.com


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